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Most Anticipated Films of 2014 #11 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

2014 will again witness Marvel’s policy of a new release biannually. The sequel to The First Avenger is a particularly promising prospect.

The narrative transpires after the events of Avengers Assemble and will show Captain America adjusting to life in a modern setting. However, he will have to contend with the emergence of a new daunting adversary i.e. the titular Winter Soldier.

The movie features role reprisals and new additions likewise. Captain will be aided by the Black Widow and new recruit, the Falcon.

The genre will also be dramatically different, while the first movie was a period piece, the sequel will be more of a political thriller, although I’m sure the action will still come thick and fast.

While other Marvel franchises provide their share of laughs, Captain America will be more serious in tone and show a collision of Cap’s past and present. All in all, there is plenty to anticipate in this eagerly awaited sequel.

Ibrahim Rizwan

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