Blind Destinations #3

Even if you sometimes know you want to travel, it can turn out to be quite stressful deciding on where to go first. This is how Blind Destinations work: we look at the world map and go after information about the first three places we look at. We include here some basic information about the city, such as tickets (for 30 days’ time), cheap accommodation for seven days, and some popular sights to visit. If you were indecisive, we offer you a few arbitrary options!

Where: Blind Destination

Population: How many people live there

Language: What languages are mainly spoken there

Average temperature: The average temperature for the next month

Currency: Local currency and conversion to GBP

Big Mac Index: The average price of fast food meal

Tickets: Lowest price for 30 days’ time from the date of publication

Accommodation: Suggested accommodation for one person for seven nights

Visa: If you need a visa to go there

What to see: Top sights


Freedom Trail (Flickr/Tim Golden)

Freedom Trail (Flickr/Tim Golden)

Population: 636,000

Language: English

Average temperature: 13°C

Currency: US Dollar (1GBP = US$1.65)

Big Mac Index: £4.24

Tickets: £530 return with American Airlines (via JFK)

Accommodation: £343 for seven nights at The Boston Hostel

Visa:  EU citizens need to apply online for the Visa Waiver Programme 72 hours before travel.

What to see:  

1. Freedom Trail

2. Fenway Park

3. ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art)


San Sebastian (Flickr/Alquiler de Coches)

San Sebastian (Flickr/Alquiler de Coches)

Population: 186,409

Language: Castilian (Spanish) and Basque

Average temperature: 16 °C

Currency: Euro (1GBP = 1.19 EUR)

Big Mac Index: £5.73

Tickets: £230 return with Vueling and Monarch Airlines (via BCN)

Accommodation:  £392 for seven nights at La Galería

Visa: No. Spain is part of the EU.

What to see: 

1. Playa de la Concha

2. Museo Chillida Leku

3. Monte Igueldo


Basilica of Bom Jesus (Flickr/Amit Rawat)

Basilica of Bom Jesus (Flickr/Amit Rawat)

Population: 1,457,723

Language: Konkani, Marathi, and Portuguese (used to sole official language during the colonial rule)

Average temperature: 29°C

Currency: Indian Rupee (1GBP = 99.89 INR)

Big Mac Index: £1.30

Tickets: £598 return with British Airways and Air India (via BOM)

Accommodation: £440 for 7 nights at Vivanta by Taj President

Visa: Yes ( range from 15 days to 6 months)

What to see: 

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus

2. Viceroy’s Arch

3. Anjuna beach

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