Impact Speaks to Made in Chelsea’s Proudlock: Take Two

After the revelation that our previous interview with Oliver Proudlock wasn’t actually answered by Proudlock himself, but instead by a PR company he no longer works with, we managed to speak to the man himself. Now Impact can exclusively reveal what life is like in SW3 as we speak to the veteran of all six seasons of Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea, this time in over 100 words…

Hey there Proudlock. What’s it like living with Jamie?

In all honesty, there is never a dull moment! It’s really jokes! Free sweets is always a winner, we have loads of fun.

The exterior of your house and offices have been shown on Made In Chelsea. Do fans ever come and find you?

We occasionally get fan mail through our home mail box, Jamie and I also have our brands in the same office building so we sometimes get people hanging around outside, it always makes me feel bad, especially when its cold!

There’s definitely a distinction between those who share more of their personal life on MIC and those who don’t. Are there limits to what you’ll show on screen?

Because I am busy and have other projects, I like to keep some sort of distance so that my personal life and on screen life don’t affect these projects.

Was this a conscious decision?

Yes, it’s a conscious decision. I think its important and I think people have come to expect it of me now, which is lucky for me.


Over the years there’s been a lot of different couples within the group. Who was your favourite pairing?

Hugo and Natalie, they’re still going strong too.

Will the cast be taking any more group holidays?

Made In Chelsea have just announced that they will be taking members of the cast to New York for a 6-episode special. We don’t know who is going yet so fingers crossed.

“We all end up cringing hard at ourselves”.

Do you enjoy watching the series when it comes out or do you prefer not to see yourself on screen?

The producers always encourage us to watch it all together on a Monday and we all end up cringing hard at ourselves.

Do you re-watch any of the old episodes? What’s your reaction?

I like seeing the changes in my hair styles. That always makes me laugh when old episodes pop up on E4.


What’s the inspiration behind Serge DeNimes?

My inspiration is my immediate surroundings: the chaotic, culturally diverse and volatile urban atmosphere.

We often spot students wearing Serge clothing on campus. Are students part of your target market?

Yeah definitely. We look to act as a platform for Young Creatives and Nottingham is a very creative place.

What are the brand’s plans for 2014?

We are getting ready to launch our summer range and this week we launch our collaborations with Gandy’s flip flops. The styles look great! We have also started a new campaign, #LiveSerge, which are lifestyle videos. This is our first. We plan to release one a month for the foreseeable future. I am really proud of it, so I hope you like it.

We love your style blog. Where are your favourite place to shop?

I love Diesel and Reiss. My blog this week has a take-over by Reiss and the clothes are so beaut.

What can we expect from you this year?

I have one exciting project coming up where I will be visiting Afghanistan, I can’t say much about it but its for a great cause.

Sarah Dear

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