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Not sure if you want to take the plunge into the dizzying world of the University’s 200+ societies? Don’t know your Blowsoc from your Bladesoc? The Socumentaries team endeavours to sample as many societies as possible so you don’t have to.

Soc-umentary – A factual article about a society, presenting the facts with little or no fiction. As in, ‘Did you see that socumentary about Fashion? That shit cray.

Wine and Spirits Soc is probably the society that most wholeheartedly embraces the true Nottingham student ethos of alcohol consumption: quality and quantity. It is also a really welcoming society with lots to offer – and you don’t even need to know anything about wine to enjoy it.

Upon walking into a time machine, and reappearing in my first year natural habitat of Willoughby, I felt like I might be entering the dragon’s lair of wine tasting. My wine choosing skills have always been completely dependent on going for the second cheapest wine, and that’s only so that I don’t look like a cheap-skate to the Sainsbury’s cashiers.


Because of my lack of wine knowledge (I still don’t know the difference between a Merlot and a Merlin) I was afraid of being judged,  but as soon as I saw the stack of bottles large enough to keep Lindsay Lohan occupied for life, I could see a corker of a night developing.

Gracing Willoughby’s Machicado Suite every Thursday between 19:30 and 22:30, Wine and Spirits Soc offers a fun evening to all who are brave enough to partake. Wine tasting, which could be horribly misconstrued as being reserved for pompous BNOCs (well it is a bit to be fair), is actually lots of fun for everyone. The genuinely friendly President and executive team make sure that everyone feels welcome and are happy to talk about wine, or anything with a ‘%’ sign on its label.


One of the nicest aspects of this society is its chilled-out nature, friendly members and really good wine, which collectively help you to forget that you are new at the society. Meeting a range of people from different courses, years, and places was lots of fun.

Also cheese. In true wine tasting style, cheese, olives, grapes, and crackers are lavished upon the alcohol-consumers, to such an extent that one begins to wonder how they are receiving such tasty nibbles for the measly £5 the whole evening costs (or £7 for non-members). The snacks were delicious and the plates were left as clean as could be.


There’s more to the society than just wine; if you can’t stand the stuff, look out for some of the alternative nights that involve some of the slightly stronger substances. Having heard second-hand accounts of port and whisky evenings, I’m sure that these would be as good, if not better, than the wine nights – though I am surprised anyone can remember any of them. Even if you think you don’t like wine though, I implore you to try some of these exquisite bottles – they might even change your mind.

The society is, overall, an inexpensive way to try some great wines, a great way to make some new friends and have fun, but perhaps most importantly of all, an affordable way to get a bit sloshed on your way to a night out.

 James Mason

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