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Introducing George Ezra

Impact Music introduces BBC Sound of 2014 nominees George Ezra as he comes to the end of his first major UK headline tour.

How do you feel about coming 5th in the BBC Sound of 214 Competition?

The competition has impacted on me massively. There’s a pressure that’s hard to escape if you come first – coming fifth puts my name in people’s heads and that’s brilliant. People still have to look for me and decide whether they are interested or not.

What’s it like being on such a big headline tour with just your guitar?

The blessing of this tour is that it’s just me and a guitar. I think a lot of people are coming to the shows on the strength of just three songs and it’s a forty minute set so there’s a lot more in there – I’m still having to win people over. But also there’s room for mistakes, like snapping my string during my first song in Leeds, and that’s fine.

Can you tell us about your last single Cassy O’?

I got really fascinated by older records like Rumours which were pop music at the time. I felt that it had been a while since a really good pop album came out so I got really hellbent on trying to write good pop tunes and I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s a lot harder than people give credit for. Cassy O’ is one of the newest songs and it came together really easily.

How’s the album coming along?

I’ve got 19 songs for the album so I’m going about the crap job of cutting some out. I’ve recorded quite a few of my older songs and have given some of them a new lease of life. Kind of in a Lou Reed way – taking a not very happy song and making it… well, happier!

Adam Keyworth 

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