Live Reviews: The Stranglers, Rock City (10.03.14)

Despite the replacement of 75-year-old Jet Black by Jim Macaulay due to illness, The Stranglers prove to be at their fluent best during a set that spans the band’s long and impressive career.

Many here had come exclusively for Golden Brown, The Stranglers’ trademark hit. And it certainly didn’t disappoint; taking many of the crowd back to their youthful pasts. In addition, the sweet bassline of Peaches and the scratchy, reggae-influenced Nice N Sleazy are testament to The Stranglers’ long-standing influence on British music, from punk through to ska new-wave.

This is the band’s 40th anniversary tour, and time could be running out. But what The Stranglers have achieved in their career to date is simply outstanding.

Alex Neely

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 Image Credited to Flikr


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