Christmas Wish List #2

Christmas is getting nearer by the second. What do you want on your Christmas list?

1) Cara Delevingne Quilted Nappa Bag,  £1200

cara bag

If you go on the Mulberry website, follow the link to the ‘Carascope’ because it leads you to the bag of your dreams, although unfortunately given the price tag it probably will always stay in your dreams, never appear on your arm. Anyway, this short personality questionnaire brought me to this absolute beauty. The best quality leather combined with exquisite quilting and three different ways to carry it, meaning you can literally use it for everything, make this honestly one of the best bags I’ve ever seen. Plus, because Cara helped design it, it has secret little adornments, like the small lion rivet and heart shaped patch on the inside based on her own tattoos, meaning you basically become as cool as her when you wear it. This bag has shot straight onto my Christmas wish list!

2) Naked2 Make-up Palette, £37


Good makeup is one of the biggest treats in my opinion; I spent so many of my early teenage years using horrific free eye shadow from magazines that now only the very best will do, and in my opinion the Naked ranges from Urban Decay are the very best. They’re sophisticated and not too over the top, yet fun, shimmery and sparkly at the same time. As it’s the Christmas season, the Naked2 palette is going top of my list; it has a wide range of colours for a smoky eye, perfect for the party season, and the swish little box means it can pop in your bag and go wherever you do.

3) Victoria’s Secret Pyjamas, $52


Having been obsessively following Victoria’s Secret on every possible social media site, desperately seeking pictures from the recent show, a pair of VS pyjamas seems perfect for Christmas. As coursework deadlines pass and the stress of university is finally relieved, snuggling up in a pair of cosy pyjamas with a hot chocolate and good book seems the ideal; why not look fashionable doing so?

4) Christian Louboutins, £2195


Louboutins are the gods of the style world; who doesn’t recognise the iconic scarlet sole and feel like an angel every time they try them on (even if it is only strutting round the shop pretending they are within our price limit). Being at university we are finally at an age when we can be considered adults, and therefore, in my opinion, we are one step closer to owning a pair of these beauties. These sparkly gold versions epitomise Christmas for me; sleek, sophisticated and just oh-so-beautiful! Obviously, I cannot even begin to hope to see these under the tree, but one day, just maybe, Santa (or anyone actually, really don’t mind who they come from!) might treat me- I can at least live in hope!

5) Vogue Subscription


A Vogue subscription is a thing most fashion lovers should have anyway, I appreciate that. However for some reason, I have never had one. Partly because I buy a copy most months anyway, and then the fact that there’s always clothes or things I need and so a subscription to Vogue goes straight out of my head when relatives start asking what I want for Christmas. It is, however, the bible of the fashion world; I spend hours poring over the images of exquisite clothes and reading articles about everything and everyone. Getting a subscription to Vogue would honestly provide not 1 but 12 presents; imagine every month for a whole year receiving a little style treasure trove in the post! It is for this reason that a Vogue subscription, or subscription to any magazine actually, would make an ideal present for friends and family; maybe this will be the year that instead of asking for those sky scraping heels I’ll wear only once, I’ll ask for a years supply of Vogue.

Harriet Papworth

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