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When we were invited to try out the new specials menu cocktails at Rub Smokehouse, we couldn’t turn the invitation down. We’re professional cocktail testers of course. These might just be the best and most original cocktails you can find in Nottingham this Autumn, concocted and named by members of their team. If you’re looking for a new unexpected drinking spot to try, Impact Food might just have sniffed it out for you.

Only a short distance from the city centre, Rub Smokehouse can be found in the lace market district, situated closely to some of Nottingham’s other trendy food and drink joints, such as ‘Annie’s Burger Shack’. The staff are friendly and inviting, and they were given the opportunity to create five new and original cocktails this month that we had the pleasure to try out on behalf of our lovely readers. Here is what we thought!

Black Moonshine  #1 Black Moonshine
The perfect post cinema chat pack

 Black Moonshine is available on the original menu and will therefore have a longer availability, fitting people who like strong bourbon, or usually contrary, people who have a sweet tooth; not normally something found with that particular taste. The ‘wild turkey 101’ and ‘”white lightning” moonshine’ mixed with popcorn syrup and lemon juice provide a strong yet perfectly balanced drink, served with sweet popcorn and a mini glass coca cola bottle to add to your own desired levels. Available for £8 – its the perfect sharing drink.

Vino Las Vegas

#2 Vino Las Vegas
The ‘Just one more drink’ gamble

This drink is another cocktail available from the original menu, inspired by the city of fortune. It’s a sophisticated-looking drink packs a punch as it contains ‘Jack Daniel’s’ “Lucky Number Seven”’ and ‘Cardamon Bitters’. You’ll be betting on whether you’ll make it home after a few of these delicious sangria-style tipples. On the menu at £7.

Bubblegum Hemingway #2

  #3 Bubblegum Hemingway
The Student Fix

Also available from the original cocktails menu, this concoction was one of our personal favourites, served in a large ceramic tanker in the shape of Hemingway’s head – an English Student’s dream (it’s basically revision, right?) The Bubblegum Hemingway is a creamy drink, yet it doesn’t have a sickly aftertaste like many similar cocktail formulations. There is definitely a bubblegum undertone which doesn’t overpower the drink as a whole, with subtle hints of cherry and lime. An incredibly unique and novel drink. Available for £8.

Peachy Keen

#4 Peachy Keens
Sip of excitement

This drink really hits the spot, it’s strong enough for the likes of most students, affordable and very drinkable. Hendricks Gin makes up the alcoholic content for this drink, with some peach syrup and lemon juice flavours added. The cream soda is really great and ties the whole thing together, making it a splash-in-the-face, palette-cleaning burst of excitement. Priced at £6.95.

Terry Tipple

  #5 Terry Tipple
Chocolat-y goodness

Another one of our favourites and one definitely designed for all the chocolate lovers out there, a spin on the usual Terry’s Chocolate Orange , this drink is available for £6.95 on the specials menu. Served in a beautiful round glass dusted with coco powder along the rim, this is the perfect marriage of food and alcoholic flavours. For those with a sweet tooth, this will subside those late-night chocolate cravings.

Tracing Dragons

#6 Tracing Dragons
The knock-your-socks-off cocktail

Available on the specials menu, another take on the classic Long Island iced tea style cocktail, Tracing Dragons is its chinese sister. Served in a small pretty teacup, it contains black tea syrup, chinese five spice, ginger ale and mangos amongst the many notes of flavour. This wonderfully unique drink with an incredible punch to it, perfect if you’re not a fan of anything too sweet and enjoy your spice. Available for £6.95.

Cinnamon Spice

  #7 Cinnamon Spice & All Things Nice
Tastes like nostalgia

If autumn could be a drink, this would be it. Cinnamon Spice is warm and hearty, with spiced rum as the base, flavours of cranberry, apple juice and vanilla syrup this has a deeply rich and intense flavour that’ll remind you of Christmas. This is definitely one of the strongest drinks we tried, so bare that in mind before you order. This season in a drink is available on the specials menu for for £6.95.

Chocolate Armidillo

#8 Chocolate Armadillo
Editors pick

This drink is a must have for first-time visitors of Rub. This is an absolutely stunning drink in both its presentation and taste, served in a trendy shiny metal can with Rub’s logo embellished on it, this is another one for the chocolate lovers, particularly if you enjoy Hershey’s. This American dream is made with Tilos Vodka, an absolutely gorgeous white chocolate syrup, hints of mint and lemonade, served with a piece of mint white chocolate. Available for £6.95.


In addition there are also some lovely nibbles available if you’re a bit peckish, such as French toast and pigs in blankets. We highly recommend our readers to try out some of these special menu cocktails while they’re still available, perfect for a date or a post-film beverage after visiting Broadway Cinema, the lovely staff are given the amazing opportunity to create fantastic concoctions every month. Keep an eye on Rub Smokehouse for a great place to enjoy a cool cocktail.

Lydia Eccleston and Isabel Jury 

Images taken by Lydia Eccleston, edited by Isabel Jury

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