Preview – Total War: Warhammer

Total War has a long and illustrious reputation of portraying history through the eyes of the commander, both of a nation or clan, and the various armies within that nation. Or at least that’s how it starts. In reality it drops you into the middle of the more interesting periods of history, gives you the reigns, and challenges you to conquer the known world.

The most recent development in this winning strategy of games is the mixing of the Total War formula with another venerable name: Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Unfortunately, the resulting game will not be called Total Warhammer, for a plethora of reasons, but mostly because the lawyers said so.

So far Creative Assembly have shown us wonderful trailers, and even videos of two of the major battles which will be included in the game. The game will include four playable factions at the launch: The Empire, Dwarves, Orks, and Vampire Counts.

But first: is this a sensible mix? Personally, I believe it can work, possibly even work well. Warhammer Fantasy Battle is after all about armies pounding each other into the mud; and guess what? So is Total War, only it includes a large portion of empire management too.

So, what next? Well, the videos shown so far have demonstrated a staggering variety of unit models, from trolls to men to wyverns to griffons. In addition, the animations shown have been slick and the models well detailed. These are all good signs, but that is not all there is. We have not yet seen any preview of the campaign map, so for any true judgement to be made as to the quality of game we can expect we must wait.

I’m pumped.

Rupert Harris

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  • Kris
    4 November 2015 at 17:57
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    Still pumped after the money grab they made with the day one cut content dlc?

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