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Song Review: Arc Nade – Wrong of Me

Arc Nade is a talented deep house producer from Nottingham.

Following his EP release Trippin to the Moon he has returned with another single entitled ‘Wrong of Me’ featuring Glenn Travis showing that he only continues to improve from release to release. With a similar bass line to ‘Off With Your Heads’ and exceptional vocals from Glenn Travis, this song is perfect to get any pre-drinks going.

Arc Nade’s use of filters and percussion to build and release tension is really what makes this track. Most significant is his choice to use just bass, kicks, snares and hi hats for the chorus, rather than a build up to an epic chorus – that’s what makes the track really standout. With the lyrics of the pre-hook “I swore that I would never get this drunk, I swore that I would never fall in the love”, I’m sure that some of you guys will be able to relate to this one. Not me though because I always drink responsibly…

But in all seriousness, I encourage you guys to give this song a listen. It deserves a place in your pres playlist. We’ve added it to ours (listen to the full playlist here).

Listen to ‘Wrong of Me’ here.

Joshua Ogunmokun

Image courtesy of the artist via Facebook

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