What does your poison say about you?

Even though Fresher’s week is officially over, the drinking most definitely is not. Returners have probably found their signature go-to drinks by now but freshers might still be figuring out their poison of choice. So take a look at our handy guide for drinking picks and what it says about it.

Long Island Ice Tea –This goes one of two ways; either you’re a hardened drinker who fancies the triple sec combination as a great start to a night out, or you’re the naïve, impressionable type who was fooled by the non-alcoholic name and the refreshing taste of Coca Cola. Either way, you’re hitting the floor in no time.

Gin & Tonic (otherwise known as gin and lemonade because what student can really afford tonic water when lemonade retails at 59p?) – An old favourite. You’re no frills, classy and know what you want in life, the perfect drink to match your self-assuredness.

Expresso Martini – You love your coffee in any form; in a cake, in a cup, or in a martini glass. You’re an eccentric, individualistic and energetic go-getter; more than capable of an all-nighter and 110% full of beans. You probably fancy getting a real kick out of your drink, and life.

Cider – You’re probably just getting into the groove of drinking, or it’s a really sunny day out in your local pub. You’re not one to be swayed by the names of fancy and over-priced cocktails- you know what they say, if it ain’t broke…

Vodka with fruit juice –You probably think pairing vodka with fruit juice constitutes as one of your five-a-days (it really doesn’t) or you’re a great improviser– when life gives you no mixer, just use juice you already have in the fridge!

Vodka with everything else – You’re a straightforward, no nonsense, efficient drinker. You know how to party because you’ve done this for years. You know exactly how many drinks it takes you to get dancing on the bar, or to get with a certain someone you vowed you wouldn’t get with.

Jagerbomb: You love being the centre of attention, your signature move at the club includes handing out Jagerbombs to everyone around you. You’re the life of every party, and always the last one to leave the club. Keep doing what you do.

Red Wine – Either you’re a wine connoisseur who can detect the slightest undertones a mile off or you’re a newbie who thinks drinking red wine makes you sophisticated and mature. Trust me, stick with what you know.

White Wine – You just got into wine, (or you had your failings with the red), and you fancy a nice giggly night in with your mates. You probably just pretend to like it and sip politely when someone looks at you – still gives you an air of suave sophistication though, unless it’s from the Sainsbury basic range.

Tequila: ‘Let’s do tequila shots!!!’ – ring any bells? (Well, maybe not). You’re fun, flirty and impulsive (some might even say reckless). You might have made some bad choices in your life, but you have always remedied them with a positive can-do attitude. Carpe Diem is probably your life motto.

So there you have it, proof that your choice of drink really says something about you. Just remember, drink responsibly kids.

Serena Tam and Lizzie Robinson

Featured image courtesy of ‘Henry Burrows’ via flickr. License here.


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