Lecture Looks for Less

Being a student with a pretty tight budget and limited funds, it can be tough, especially when you love clothes, accessories and just shopping in general!

If you’re like me and your student loan is swallowed up by rent, you don’t have time to take on a PT job and your parent(s) don’t throw money into your account every other week, then keep reading. I’ve put together some super cheap outfits which you can rock to lectures or just on a day to day basis.

Motivation Monday


Yes, you can look fab, even on a Monday. No more moody Monday’s please! Try and start your week looking and feeling good with a positive mindset. Otherwise, you’ll run out of steam before the week is over. Bright colours will add an extra glow to your smile.

This outfit (minus shoes) was thrifted from local charity shops for a total of less than £10! Shops like The Salvation Army and Barnardo’s tend to have really really low prices and even sales! The Salvation Army are currently having a £1-3 sale so you can go hunting for some good deals and they also have a loyalty card in which you get a stamp for every £5 you spend. Deals much! They have denim jackets similar to the one I’m wearing and you can get one of the larger sizes which are great for layering underneath.

Tuesday Cute-Day


I’m not going to lie, the Midlands are a bit (incredibly) chilly at the moment so make sure your tights are at least 40+ denier. Other than that, you’ll be fine when rocking a skirt.

This denim, A-line number and coat were thrifted for a few quid each. You can find similar skirts in Cancer Research UK – they always seem to have nice denim skirts in there. Also, if you’ve got any cute crop tops from summer in the back of your wardrobe, you can layer them up with long sleeves and thermals so you can keep warm and be stylish at the same time.

On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink


Okay, it’s really pale pink but still, Mean Girls fan for life…

Once again, all the clothes were purchased from charity shops (minus shoes). This turtleneck is the cosiest thing ever and it’s keeping me from getting a cold in this blizzard city. I got it for £3 at the Cancer Research UK shop here in Nottingham, and it’s actually an M&S product so just imagine the % discount! The trousers are also from this shop (can you tell I shop there a lot?!) and only cost me a fiver.

Double Denim


You can never go wrong with a bit of double denim, trust me. It’s a classic and timeless look. Just make sure you mismatch your denim pieces rather than trying to wear the same colour as this can look a bit forced. You want to look like you don’t even try (too hard)!

My jeans are Levi’s from a vintage sale in London. Vintage sales can be hit and miss at times but you just have to take your time and look properly. Nottingham quite regularly sees its fair share of these, such as Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair. Find out more here. You might be able to get some similar jeans there and other vintage bits. My bomber jacket and shirt were also thrifted and I found both of these in the men’s section! Never limit yourselves girls. You never know what gems are hiding in “menswear”, haa.

Black Friday


All black is my go-to for those short days at uni when you only have a couple of lectures. It’s so simple yet edgy.

The jumpsuit was on sale at Urban Outfitters for about £9 if I remember well and they also let you use your student discount on sale so get that price down as much as you can! I know some of you are thinking, how the hell? Seriously, when they have a sale, it’s a proper sale with some crazy discounts so don’t be put off by their normal prices. My tote bag was a freebie from one of the Careers Fairs at Uni and these are so handy so grab as many as you can whenever and wherever (save that 5p girl).

I hope this mini look-book has inspired you in some way and given you some ideas about how to look good with chicken change. You definitely don’t have to spend loads and loads of mula to look gorgeous.

On the flipside, if you’re a tracksuit or don’t-really-care kind of girl that’s perfectly fine too. Dress in what you’re totally comfortable in and be yourself, always.

Top Tips:

  1. Browse the local charity shops – You can and will find top quality stuff. I’ve managed to scoop M&S, American Apparel, Topshop, etc from the good ol’ charity shops in Nottingham.
  2. Sales, discounts and vouchers – These are your best friends. Love and cherish them! Also, make sure you’re signed up to Unidays for alerts on current deals on the high street (it’s Student Savings Weekend right now!).
  3. Plan tomorrow’s outfit tonight – Get organised! Planning beforehand will save you time in the morning so you might actually get to eat breakfast before heading out!

Top 3 Charity Shops:

  1. Cancer Research UK – 27-29 Lister Gate, Nottingham NG1 7DE
  2. The Salvation Army – 5 St James’s St, Nottingham NG1 6FH
  3. Barnardo’s – 15 Angel Row, Nottingham NG1 6HL


Rosette Damilola Ale (@thriftqueenlola,

Image credits: Rosette Damilola Ale. 

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