Fantasy Football – avid player or casual part-timer?

If you’re into football, you have probably had a run-in with Fantasy Football at least once in your life. For those who haven’t, fantasy football consists of picking 15 players (11 starters and four substitutes) from the current players in the Premier League. You then attempt to gain the most points, awarded for goals, assists and clean sheets, to name a few.

Fantasy Football is often the quickest way of proving that you amongst your friends have got what it takes to be a football manager. Choosing the best team over a 38-game season is no easy task, yet is a game now played by over 6 million people, via Fantasy Premier League.

Maybe you were coerced into playing Fantasy Football by that pushy guy in your group chat who supports Manchester United, but you swear used to be a Chelsea fan. Maybe you’ve even all thrown some money in and you have sworn that you will religiously research and update your team (yet somehow never touch the website after a disastrous Gameweek 1).

Either way, everyone’s Fantasy Football experience is different, but ultimately you will almost certainly fall into one of four categories.

James Pkns, Nick Sutton-Smith, Jamie Keene and Phoebe Grant

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