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We know the uni term is looming large, and it will soon be time to hit the books/bevs for Freshers’ Week, but there is still time for a last-minute getaway from the pressures of uni life. If you’ve not been on holiday this summer – or haven’t been on holiday enough this summer, then read on to find out where you could fly to from East Midlands Airport (EMA). 

The Channel Islands
Perks: Fancy a trip very nearly all the way over the Channel? Fancy the best of British with the weather of France? Then visiting Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney or Sark is the place to be. Better yet, the Channel Islands aren’t part of Britain (although the UK are responsible for defence and international relations), the Commonwealth Nations or the EU. No Brexit talk can only be a bonus.
Best bits: Jersey War Tunnels (or the catchy-sounding Hohlgangsanlage 8), inform visitors about what life was like under the Nazis during WWII.
Airline: Aurigny

Perks: Why take the train when you can fly? Flights to Glasgow and Edinburgh are available for less than an average return train ticket.
Best bits: Haggis and kilt-wearing men in abundance.
Airline: FlyBe

Perks: Surprisingly cultural, with museums and art galleries on every corner. The churches are pretty great too, whilst the canals are beautiful at twilight and at nighttime.
Best bits: Van Gogh Museum – but make sure to book ahead, the queue is very very long. The Anne Frank House is overrated, and apparently everything in there is a replica anyway. See it from the outside, and don’t waste three hours in the queue.
Airline: FlyBe

Perks: Reportedly the cheapest place for alcoholic drinks, for if you wish to prolong/precursor Freshers’. Also quite cultural and home to thermal baths.
Best bits: The architecture is beautiful, especially in the main government buildings, in the numerous castles and the State Opera House.
Airline: Jet2

Perks: No, I didn’t know you could go there from East Midlands either.
Best bits: Lots of chihuahuas and sombreros, and the food is amazing. And look at the beaches! (See featured image)
Airline: TUI

Perks: A huge cathedral, and lots of bars and restaurants, which create a wonderful atmosphere. Rafael Nadal (tennis pro) is from here too!
Best bits: The Cuevas del Drach in Porto Cristo, which is home to one of the world’s largest underground lakes.
Airline: Thomas Cook Airlines

Perks: A medieval old town and home to a range of Art Nouveau buildings, make an exciting mashup of architecture.
Best bits: Visit the Sun Museum, which explores how different cultures view the sun. (Not at all in England most of the time).
Airline: Reliable Ryanair

Check out East Midlands Airport’s website for some cheap last minute deals to these destinations and more.

Amy Wilcockson

Featured Image courtesy of Pedro Szekely via Flickr. Image license here

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