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How To Style The ‘Jeans And A Nice Top’ Memo On A Budget

Francesca Wormald

It’s one of the most dreaded dress codes: “just wear ‘jeans and a nice top’.” This is enough to send anyone into a mass panic of ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ closely followed by the even more dreaded ‘floordrobe’. As if finding a pair of jeans that fits just right wasn’t hard enough, as students, we’ve got to find this magical pair of jeans without breaking the bank. However, don’t worry too much: there is a solution! Our Style Editor, Cesca Wormald will (hopefully) make the concept of ‘jeans and a nice top’ a little less daunting.

To begin the journey of finding this seamless outfit, we must start with the jeans. Owning a versatile, comfortable, yet dressy pair of jeans is essential in killing this dress code time and time again. And with the rise in Y2K and streetwear fashion, I suggest a timeless pair of baggy mom jeans (you might even be able to find these in your parents’ wardrobe!) or to make an ode to the 70s, a classic pair of flares.

With jeans offered in colourways and lengths to suit all, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect pair in no time

If your parents weren’t ahead of their time with their jean choices, I suggest heading to one of Nottingham’s charity shops in the hunt for your perfect pair. Think Cancer Research UK rather than White Rose to save those extra pounds when your loan is looking a bit too sorry for itself.

Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time and money, head to Depop to try and source a used pair of PLT or Topshop jeans from the comfort of your home (there’s still opportunities to shop sustainably when in a rush!). With jeans offered in colourways and lengths to suit all, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect pair in no time.

Now, for the tops. This is where it gets easier (I promise!). First, you should consider the setting: if you’re going for drinks out with your flatmates, I suggest a statement top and sleek heels paired with either one of these jeans. Anything from a glittery halter neck to a scarf top.

The best thing about scarf tops is they can be tied into a different style each time you go out — no one will know it’s the same outfit! Don’t worry if you don’t have one, I guarantee one of your flatmates will.

The only item you have to splash out on is the top

If it’s a gathering at a friend’s flat and the vibe is more comfortable, a classic bandeau with statement jewellery and chunky trainers would be ideal. You can tailor this to your own personal style, whether it be a velvet black bandeau and heavy silver chains or a floral print bandeau with layered gold bracelets.

I’m sure jewellery is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe so the only item you have to splash out on is the top (especially once you’ve found those perfect jeans for every occasion!).

Hopefully, I’ve given you some inspiration for the next time you’re faced with “just wear ‘jeans and a nice top’.” Perhaps instead of emptying your whole wardrobe in a flurry of panic you can take these steps to find that perfect fit with ease.

Francesca Wormald

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