Welcome Meeting

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Why would I want to work with Impact?

By joining Impact, you get to contribute to one of the biggest and most successful student-run services at the university. You get to shape what goes in a magazine that gets printed every month, and which a few thousand students will read and be influenced by. Some people get a buzz out of that. If you’re not one of them, the following might motivate you:

CV-polishing. As you should know by now, having a 2:1 degree doesn’t cut it these days. And if you’ve been president of some obscure society, that doesn’t say much either. By being part of a big, nationally-recognised student publication, you get to really boost your employment credentials. And you can bring in a few issues to a job interview to show something concrete that you’ve done. Lots of Impact alumni go on to work in marketing, PR, publishing, and of course journalism, but for whatever you want to do having worked at Impact is a valuable asset.

Free stuff. Impact gets sent far more free stuff than it can possibly use, and as a member of the team you get to help yourself to some of this. A lot of it is just CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and the like. But it’s a lot more varied than that. We regularly get free cinema passes, or invites to local sporting events. Sometimes we even get holidays. To give you an idea, this year alone we sent three team members to Barcelona, and one editor on an all-expenses-paid (flights included) trip to Australia. Another editor was able to get sponsored, again flights (and ship) included, to go on a trip to Antarctica. If you want in on some of the action, it’s time to get involved.

Back-stage passes. Working for Impact, you get to report on much of what goes on in Nottingham and beyond. If you’ve ever wanted to interview the acts at the Summer Party, you can do that. Or you can get a press pass to Glastonbury, and thrust a dictaphone into the face of hippies at your leisure. One editor last year managed to get back-stage to a press conference with the Dalai Lama, who was apparently a surprisingly funny guy.

Interview celebrities. We get a continuous stream of celebrities willing to be interviewed by us. Sometimes we even get more major names. In the past couple of years, Impact has interviewed Gordon Brown, Richard Bacon, Tony Benn, Toady from Neighbours, Jeremy Paxman, Paul Smith and recently Sven Goran-Eriksson.

Good looking girls/boys. In opinion polls, Impact has consistently scored higher than any other SRS for its members’ good looks and general sense of fashion. Tony Cascarino was recently quoted as saying, “those people in Impact are so good looking, it makes my bunions swell up a right palava. If I was still a student, I’d be signing up as a writer straight away.”

So do join us for our meeting at The Den, for more info see below:

If you have any questions please email us:magazine@impactnottingham.com