A Farewell to Raf Simons

Belgian legend Raf Simons is undeniably one of the most creative and innovative designers in the fashion industry. Starting off as a furniture and interior designer he has proved that there are no boundaries to his talent. As well as establishing a successful edgy self-proclaimed label, Raf Simons was previously the creative director of Jil Sander for both menswear and women’s wear before creating elegant creations for Dior in 2012. It was announced this month that after just 3 years at the label, Raf Simons will be parting with the brand. To honour him and his creations we present our favourite collections.

Simons’ first collection (Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture) is arguably one of the most iconic collections Dior has even seen. Raf Simons portrayed a unique, extremely tailored collection featuring a 1950’s vibe against a chic flower backdrop. The stand-out piece in the collection is a carefully crafted ankle-length royal blue dress embellished with floral details.

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His second couture collection for Spring/Summer 2013 was another triumph for the legendary designer. Simons’ fairytale wonderland was set-up and displayed to the public as a maze of bushes. The models sported a seductive red lipstick and short hair drawing all of the audience’s attention to these marvellous creations – specifically the rich embroidery on every piece and the use of layers to create a hypnotic illusion. Floral dresses are his trademark and there is no doubt this pink and white floor-length gown displayed his best craftsmanship.


He completely recreated the representation of the typical Dior woman for the label’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. In particular, he made sure the women could be represented as extremely sophisticated, but with a rebellious twist. He introduced bold prints and different textures to these delicate fabrics. The first look of the show started off with a bang, as a simple black tailored top was taken to the modern era by being draped in a complex manner. The high waist patterned shorts added a dimension of being fun loving and carefree.

Once again Dior was revolutionised by Raf Simon’s brilliance for the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. He broke all the rules and introduced bright colours and loud prints to this collection, namely in teal and orange – showing off a woman’s inner animal. Nevertheless, masculine silhouettes contrast the animalistic vibe and create an army feel to the collection. ss16

Although his latest collection was only launched a few days ago, there has been an influential impact in the fashion world. He followed the trends by keeping the sleeves for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection extremely exaggerated, but introduced his own spin by making the silhouette tailored yet loose. The colours used for this collection were a range of muted pastels, but the use of subtle stripes and layering with chiffon added a distinctive spin to the collection.

As the sixth successor to this fabulous label, Raf Simons career at Dior has been one of the most loved collaborations by critiques and editors in the fashion world. Simons is renowned for his highly acclaimed over-the-top shows, although his designs portray a minimalistic style. He will be dearly missed!

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Images: indigital, Elle, Vogue, Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage


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