SU Elections 2022 Winners: Welfare Officer – Gemma Weston

Laura Scaife

Gemma Weston has been elected as your new Welfare Officer for 2022/23. Gemma was declared the winner after one round of voting with 381 votes. Impact caught up with Gemma to ask her a few questions.

What are you most looking forward to in your role?

Honestly, this whole week has showed me how lovely everyone is in the Student Union, and what a wonderful group of people I’ll be working with. I’m also excited to actually be able to put my projects into motion, I can stop planning and get started. And I’m just looking forward to the whole experience!

What was the highlight of your campaign?

I’d say just seeing everyone else’s campaign as well. It’s just so nice to see all the officers in the different roles and what they’re doing as well as what they’re going to push for at the university. There’s so many good causes.

Did you face any challenges when campaigning? Now campaigning is back in person, did you find it difficult to manage this alongside online campaigning?

Lockdown taught us how to run campaigns online and that gave us a great choice, but it was a struggle trying to balance online campaigning when in-person campaigning is more effective, but I’ve learned a lot from both processes.

How will you be celebrating today?

This week has been so busy campaigning I’m just going to head back to my flat, order takeaway and watch a film!

What do you think will be the biggest challenge coming into this role?

I’m a first-year student and people are quite surprised when I mention it. It’s slightly intimidating, but I wouldn’t have gone for the role if I didn’t think I could have done a good job. So ignoring that block, I’m going to try to believe in myself and push forward.

Congratulations again, is there anything you’d like to say to people who voted for you?

Thank you so much. Thank you, because even though I was the only one campaigning for this role, all those votes really motivated me. It means so much to me.

Laura Scaife

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