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Manifesto Reviews- Part Time Officers: Environment and Social Justice Officer Candidates

Oli Harris

A group of Impact Magazine writers have looked over the candidate manifestos for this year’s Student Union Elections. Harry Chapman, Katie Sullivan, Emma Burnett, Oli Harris, and Hannah Walton-Hughes summarised and discussed each candidate’s main manifesto points, and gave their views on the manifesto. Voting closes on 15th March 2024 at 2pm.

Holly Oldfield:

Main manifesto points:

  1. Sewing and crafting workshops
  2. Permanent clothes swap
  3. Communal cooking
  4. Meatless mondays
  5. Composting sites at student halls
  6. Recycling awareness
  7. Plant fairs
  8. More water stations
  9. Energy efficient bulbs
  10. Organising environmental issues talks

Holly’s manifesto has a strong focus throughout on sustainable living, and simple cost-effective changes that can be made to promote sustainability across the university. She begins with the idea of starting sewing and crafting workshops to help students repair clothes instead of buying new ones, and then expands upon this theme with the hope of introducing a permanent clothes swap on campus.

She then moves onto two food focused aspects of her campaign; communal cooking, aiming to help students save money with their cooking; and encouraging students to participate in meatless Monday by expanding meat-free options around campus. She states that she wants to introduce composting sites at student halls and increase awareness of what can be recycled and what cannot in order to reduce landfill waste. She emphasises the importance of plant fairs for both environmental and mental health

The candidate would draw on a wide range of experiences to aid them in this role

She also wants to increase the number of water stations around campus, as well as the amount of energy efficient bulbs. Her final idea in the manifesto is organise student engagement talks to discuss what students want to see in terms of environmental change.

The candidate would draw on a wide range of experiences to aid them in this role, such as being a national ambassador for the DofE, a history of attending environmental talks, and experience with the students’ union in the form of being a course representative. Overall, this candidate has a lot of relevant experience, and many realistic and achievable goals clearly set forth.

Simran-Lily Mudhar

Main manifesto points:

  1. Composting
  2. Community garden
  3. Emphasis on sustainable shopping
  4. Boosting ethical shopping

Simran begins by stating the importance of small steps towards a sustainable future, and advocates for compost bins around campus to reduce food waste. She goes on to state that she wants to set up a community garden where the compost could be used, and to help foster a stronger sense of community among students.

This manifesto shows awareness of some of the major environmental issues that relate to students and universities

She would promote usage of the sustainable shop on campus, as well as sustainable food shopping in general, and encourage second hand shopping for things like clothes in order to reduce the impact of large industries.

She cites her completion of DofE gold, as well as previously being elected head girl as accomplishments that put her in a good position for this role. This manifesto shows awareness of some of the major environmental issues that relate to students and universities, however the lack of specific targets and goals, as well as the lack of the candidate’s experience with the student union weaken this campaign a little.

Full officer manifestos can be read on the UoNSU website.

Oli Harris

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