Beyond Magazines: The Evolution of Fashion Inspiration

Kate Hayhurst

There used to be a time when the number one source to find the most fashionable garments was to flick through a magazine; however, times have changed. With the appearance of phones and social media in our daily lives, following fashion has become more accessible, leading to a shift in where we find inspiration. Social media has become a hub for fashion aficionados to follow their favourite brands and influencers and discover new trends. As a result, the fashion industry is evolving rapidly, with trends emerging and fading away at an unprecedented rate. But the real question is, where is our inspiration coming from, and what do we use to keep up with trends and favourite brands? 


As arguably one of the biggest social media sites, Instagram has become the forefront of following fashion. The app allows us to follow our favourite brands and influencers. Instagram has also implemented a new feature where they can tag the piece of clothing with a link to the item on their website. As well as this, I see Instagram as such an excellent tool for fashion because influencers can show a piece of clothing in a natural setting. It is good to see the garment on the website; however, many photos on websites are photoshopped. Instagram does less of this, and we can see it in a more familiar setting. It is also interesting to see what influencers style the item of clothing with so we can take inspiration from this ourselves. Influencers such as Olivia Hurst and Mia Reegan significantly influence what is considered fashionable in the market, ??and brands are increasingly partnering with them and other influencers to promote their products and reach a wider audience.

Tik Tok

Personally, where I receive a lot of inspiration is from TikTok. This app is continually growing, starting trends and celebrating fashion. While you can follow influencers on Instagram, the For You Page allows your feed to be tailored, and you discover new accounts by just scrolling, soon learning your interests and style. In addition, if you like a particular style, you can look it up through the search section for inspiration. TikTok significantly impacts starting trends, such as Uggs and the Scandinavian style, mainly done by fashion influencers. Popular styles searched on TikTok, such as Scandinavian, gorp-core, and coquette, mean that many high fashion brands are releasing clothes linked to them. 


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It may now be a classic way to find inspiration, but Pinterest is definitely not going out of style! Like TikTok, Pinterest has an algorithm for working out your style based on the content you engage with. However, it has been argued that Pinterest differs slightly from any other app. Pinterest Chief Content Officer Malik Ducard says that people plan for the future using Pinterest as the pins often represent what’s next rather than the now. It is the foundation levels where trends first begin to emerge. Pinterest has predicted several trends over the years, so it is an excellent platform to receive style inspiration and get ahead before the trend takes off! Another reason Pinterest is great for inspiration is that you can save the pins to ‘boards’. This allows users to organise photos they like into specific groups such as ‘summer style’, ‘outfits for uni’, etc. Users also take inspiration from others’ boards, so Pinterest’s sleek organising makes it accessible to use and easy to navigate saved photos. 

Movies and TV shows 

The clothes and accessories worn by characters in movies and TV shows have a profound impact on our fashion choices, just like social media influencers. With the increasing popularity of streaming services and binge-watching, the influence of screens on our style and shopping habits has become more significant than ever before. When Bridgerton was released on Netflix, Regency Core fashion and corsets became popular again. Euphoria became a staple for sequins, sparkling make-up, Y2K-inspired mesh tops and revealing dresses. Popular shows such as Gossip Girl and Friends have influenced the fashion market over the past thirty years and continue to do so with their oversized dad shirts and statement accessories. 

In everyday life! 

As a student, I will see many people throughout my day, in lecture halls, the library, the gym, or even nights out. It is therefore almost impossible not to take inspiration from those around us! We encounter a range of styles, especially at university where we have people from all around the country come together to one location. Location inevitably will have an effect on how we dress, depending on where we live. So, it can be eye-opening to come into an environment where all these styles face one another. I have noticed a change in my style since attending university, where I am exposed to a diverse group of people.

By exploring these different sources of inspiration, we can discover new styles and experiment with our look. We don’t always have to be following styles though. What is most important is dressing how we want to finding clothes where we feel most comfortable and confident, and potentially being a trendsetter!

Kate Hayhurst

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