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African Cuisines in Nottingham Restaurants

Photo of Eforiro & fufu combination on white plate
Alyana Beg

We are lucky enough to be living in a city with a multitude of cultures. Nottingham’s food scene in incredibly diverse and huge with many options and cuisines to choose from. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there will 100% be a place for you. In honour of black history month, Alyana Beg presents some incredible food options, from Ghanaian to Ethiopian, to try from in Nottingham!

African Base Restaurant
Located in The Royal Oak, African Base Restaurant is a newly opened restaurant that offer mainly Ghanian and Nigerian foods. They also have a bar, DJ facilities as well as an outdoor seating area. You can also book tables for birthday parties, weddings and other special occasions.

All of these soups come with an option of pounded yam, fufu or eba

Some of their most popular local Ghanaian dishes include fufu with goat meat soup, fried yam with tilapia and fried plantain and beans. Some of the most popular local Nigerian dishes include the egusi soup, bitter leaves soup and ogbono soup. All of these soups come with an option of pounded yam, fufu or eba. Other popular dishes include the jollof rice with chicken and waakye with meat. They also do weekend specials such as Tuo-Zaafi.

Balageru Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant
In the heart of the city up Mansfield road, this restaurant serves traditional vegan and vegetarian East African dishes. They also serve Ethiopian coffees, teas and cold drinks.

The inside is decorated with straw baskets on the tables and Amharic scrolls on the walls and traditional music is plays in the background. They have big sharing platters that are vegan, vegetarian, meat or a mix of all of them, making it the perfect place to go with a big group of people. You eat with your hands using delicious inhouse made bread. The Ethiopian coffee is a customer favourite and is served in a traditional pot with incense burned inside it.

One of their specials is The Kongo Fumbwa

The Kongo
If you’re looking for traditional African food further out of the city center, The Kongo located on Sneiton Dale is an excellent option. They have a wide array of starters, grills and sides to choose from as well as their big main options. Some of the Nigerian specialities include jollof rice, ogbono soup, bitterleaf soup and Oha soup. One of their specials is The Kongo Fumbwa which is a Congolese leaf and peanut stew. Another is The Kongo Wild Soup which contains congolese leaf, sun dried shrimp, smoked and salted fish, mushroom and okra.

Braai Flavours
One of the more fast, casual restaurants on this list, Braai Flavours offers South African and Zimbabwean flavours. They are located on Arnold Road towards the north of Nottingham. They offer a wide range of dishes such steaks and chicken dishes. Everything is served with salads, rice, spicy chips and sadza.

The restaurant is driven by food culture

Some of their most popular dishes include the zambezi ranch t-steak, boerewors (South African style beef sausages) and sumu chicken. They also have pizza as well as multiple vegetarian options. The restaurant is driven by food culture and delivering a customer experience that expresses the African eating culture here in Nottingham.

The Indaba Hut Cafe
The final restaurant on this list serves also serves a bunch of traditional desserts such as Koeksisters which is a deep fried sweet dough. They have a variety of cakes and tarts as well. They serve a full South African breakfast. Their main menu includes Boerwors, bunny chow and babotie. There is also an African grocery store located in the restaurant which sells African groceries and snacks, giving the customers an entire experience.

Alyana Beg

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