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Impact is the University of Nottingham’s official student magazine. We are published by the University of Nottingham’s Students’ Union and have been in operation since 1939. Run entirely by volunteers, we publish a free 60-page, full colour magazine four times every academic year, as well as running an award-winning website that offers exclusive content 365 days a year. 


Why Advertise with Impact Magazine? 


Website Online Engagements: 

Weekly Average Age Range Readers
2,400 views 18-35 20% from USA

Social Media: 

Facebook Twitter Instagram
6,805 4,049 2,323

View our social media pages here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



Impact’s online magazine runs 24/7, publishing articles from students across a wide range of  topics. Our 8 main sections are News, Features, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Reviews, Sport, Podcasts, and Investigations, a new section added this past year. At certain times, we also add additional sections to the website for themed content based around events at that point of the year. These include Freshers, Summer and Black History Month to name a few. 

Pricing (Online)

Web banner on homepage (1 month) = £250 

Web banner on all pages (1 month) = £300 

Top Banner = 460 x 60 px 

Mid-Page Banner = 600 x 500 px 

Online Ads will be in banner form on Impact website’s homepage.



Our print magazine, with a total print run of 4,000 magazines over 4 issues across the  academic year, is distributed to 20 different halls and buildings of the three main campuses as  well as in Nottingham city centre, reaching students and people across campus and Nottingham city!  

View our previous print editions here.

Pricing (Print)

Inside Page (280mm x 210mm) = £350  

Back Cover (280mm x 210mm) = £350 

#271 The Freshers’ Issue (1000 copies) September 2022

#272 (TBC) (1000 copies) November 2022

#273 (TBC) (1000 copies) February 2023.  

#274 (TBC) (1000 copies) April 2023.



We offer the following bundles. Please contact us for more details. Bundle prices are open to negotiation. 

– Back Cover & Inside Page (print)

– Print page & Web banner (1 month)  

– Web banner (multiple months)  

Sponsored Articles 

Impact is open to working with brands and individuals to create sponsored articles for our online site. As a Nottingham and university-based news source, we reserve the right to select sponsorship opportunities which we believe will most benefit our readers and fit our brand image.  

Price = £75



For more information and enquiries, please contact our external manage:

India Rose Campbell

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