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Girl Talk: Ep. 3 Controversial Female Figures

Hannah Pegram, Amelia Brookes and Córa-Laine Moynihan

Welcome to Girl Talk, a safe space for female and non-binary students at the University of Nottingham to come together and share experiences. This is a place for the light-hearted to the heavy, from music to politics and business to film.

In today’s episode, Hannah, Amelia, and Cora discuss whether highly successful female figures should be celebrated by feminists if their actions are antifeminist. They take the case studies of Margaret Thatcher and Priti Patel to delve into this topic.

Hannah Pegram, Amelia Brookes and Córa-Laine Moynihan

Featured image courtesy of Charlotte Smith and Impact Podcasts via Canva.

Leopard Print Elevator by Kevin MacLeod

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