Meet Our Writers

Impact has an incredible team of writers  who consistently produce high quality content. Here you can learn a little about our most dedicated writers, and follow the links to read their exceptional articles: 


Gemma Cockrell–   “Hi I’m Gemma Cockrell, and I’m currently in  second year studying Psychology. I enjoy writing about the arts, as well as opinion pieces, and informative articles about current affairs”. 


Rowan Cothliff –   “Hi! I’m Rowan Cothliff, I’ve just finished my first year studying French and English. I’ve recently thrown myself head first into article writing and I love it! I especially enjoy research/informational pieces, as well as opinion writing”.


Kess Leung-  “Hey! I’m Kess Leung, and I’m an incoming final year student studying Finance, Accounting & Management. Music is something that I have always been passionate about and I really enjoy sharing artists I love ?“.


Daisy Forster -“My name is Daisy and I’m a Liberal Arts student. Whilst I’m the Arts Editor at Impact and love writing about theatre, I also like breaking down difficult social issues in my articles and recording the odd podcast!”


Kayleigh Moore-“Heya, I’m Kayleigh and I’m a third year English student. I love writing articles about things I enjoy such as travelling or anything food related but sometimes like to mix it up with something a bit more factual too”.


Rachel Roberts – “I’m Rachel, a 3rd year History student, and as Sport Editor I love following the ever-changing stories of the sporting world, particularly looking for insights and opinions beyond the scores. You can also find me writing the occasional theatre or music review too!”


Jack Richardson- “I’m Jack, English with Creative 3rd year. I love analysing the media we consume and the positive and negative impact it can have on real life – particularly animation, comics and games, so a geek trifecta”.