Meet Our Writers

Impact has an incredible team of writers who consistently produce high quality content. Here you can learn a little about our most dedicated writers, and follow the links to read their exceptional articles: 


Gemma Cockrell, she/her– “Hi I’m Gemma Cockrell, and I’m currently in  second year studying Psychology. I enjoy writing about the arts, as well as opinion pieces, and informative articles about current affairs”. 


Rowan Cothliff, she/her– “Hi! I’m Rowan Cothliff, I’ve just finished my first year studying French and English. I’ve recently thrown myself head first into article writing and I love it! I especially enjoy research/informational pieces, as well as opinion writing”.


Kess Leung, she/her– “Hey! I’m Kess Leung, and I’m an incoming final year student studying Finance, Accounting & Management. Music is something that I have always been passionate about and I really enjoy sharing artists I love ?“.


Daisy Forster, she/her– “My name is Daisy and I’m a Liberal Arts student. Whilst I’m the Arts Editor at Impact and love writing about theatre, I also like breaking down difficult social issues in my articles and recording the odd podcast!”


Kayleigh Moore, she/her– “Heya, I’m Kayleigh and I’m a third year English student. I love writing articles about things I enjoy such as travelling or anything food related but sometimes like to mix it up with something a bit more factual too”.


Rachel Roberts, she/her – “I’m Rachel, a 3rd year History student, and as Sport Editor I love following the ever-changing stories of the sporting world, particularly looking for insights and opinions beyond the scores. You can also find me writing the occasional theatre or music review too!”


Jack Richardson, he/him– “I’m Jack, English with Creative 3rd year. I love analysing the media we consume and the positive and negative impact it can have on real life – particularly animation, comics and games, so a geek trifecta”.


Amrit Virdi, she/her– “Hi! I’m Amrit and I’m a second year English and History student. As the Reviews Editor I love reviewing any gigs I’ve been to, but I also love writing opinion pieces on current issues as well as fashion articles”.


Matthew Bird, he/him– “Hi! I’m Matthew and I’m in my fourth year of my chemistry PhD (eighth year at UoN) and am your science editor this year. Although I’m an aspiring science journalist, I also dabble in writing articles about my passion of theatre”.


Myron Winter-Brownhill, he/him– “Hi! I’m Myron, I’m a third year english student. I love writing about and reviewing any entertainment, but particularly music and games. I like to stay engaged with politics and current events, too”.


Lauren McGaun, she/her– “Hi, I’m Lauren, a second year Politics an American Studies student. As Impact’s News Editor, I love reporting on the latest political developments, especially related to the UK and the US. I also helped set up the women led project, Empoword Journalism, during lockdown”.


Lujain Alkhalaf, she/her – “Hello! I’m Lujain and I’m a 3rd year student studying Nutrition and Dietetics. I love writing articles about food, current affairs and informative pieces”. 



Jasmin Lemarie,  she/her- “Hi, I’m Jasmin and I’m studying English. As Head of Reviews I enjoy reviewing theatre and books but I especially love writing about politics and intersectional equality”.


Rian Patel, he/him – “Hi, my name is Rian and I’m a chemical with environmental engineering student in 2nd year. I enjoy focussing on science based, particularly sustainability, topics for my articles. I also love the research I do that comes with the writing”.


Joe Holmes-Milner, he/him- “Hi I’m Joe, I’m a postgrad doing a Creative Writing MA. Mainly I write about sport but you might catch me writing about tattoos/travelling/food once in a blue moon”.