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NTU Dismantle Woeful UoN in Ice Hockey Clash to Kickstart Varsity 2024

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Tomos Millward & Vivika Sahajpal

Nottingham Trent University demolished the University of Nottingham, as they coasted to a dominant 17-4 victory at a packed out Motorsport Arena on February 12th. Impact’s Tomos Millward and Vivika Sahajpal were on hand to report all of the action.

NTU’s victory over the Green and Gold was a foregone conclusion following their lightning start at the beginning of the first period. Mark Kanins put the Pinks ahead within the first few minutes before NTU scored another five before the end of a commanding first period. UoN managed to salvage something shortly before the break through an awarded goal to go in 5-1 down.

Overturning this score line, even with two periods left to play, looked to be, and was, an insurmountable task. The first period served as a microcosm of the remainder of the fixture, with NTU’s aggressive and incisive attacking play outwitting their opponents’ disorganised defending and toothless attacking play.

NTU were clearly on top

Even with UoN opening the scoring in the first minutes of the second period, NTU continued to outmanoeuvre them and a similar pattern to the first period emerged, as the home side boasted a staggering 10-3 lead two thirds of the way through the contest. As the game progressed, both sides settled into a rhythm. NTU were clearly on top and UoN’s continued inability to convert chances, even in instances of numerical superiority surrounding the opposition’s crease, scuppered any fleeting hopes of a comeback.

Despite moments of altercation between the two sides, the referee and linesmen were quick to extinguish any fights, much to the crowd’s dismay. NTU added a penalty and six other goals compared with UoN’s measly one, to finish the game as overwhelming victors with a final score of 17-4.

NTU will be hoping that a historic start to this year’s Varsity will manage to spur them on

Overall, NTU’s quality prevailed throughout and they emerged thoroughly deserving winners. Notwithstanding their team’s performance, fans of the Green and Gold were in good voice to match the home supporters and there was a magnificent atmosphere for the 21-goal thriller. NTU will be hoping that a historic start to this year’s Varsity will manage to spur them on to overall victory, whilst the University of Nottingham will be desperate to retain their title and make up for this performance.

Tomos Millward & Vivika Sahajpal

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