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Rector Of Twinned Ukrainian University Visits UON

Darcy Kelly

Dr Taras Dobko, the Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in Lviv, visited the University of Nottingham (UON) on Tuesday 3rd of October. Impact‘s Darcy Kelly attended the lecture he gave at Djanogly Gallery, and had the opportunity to speak to him afterwards.

Dr. Dobko observed the progress of the partnership between the two institutions, and set out to ensure it continues. Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, UCU partnered with UON in 2022, as part of the UUKi UK-Ukraine University Twinning Initiative, aiding the Ukrainian higher education system.

He delivered a lecture at Djanogly Gallery

Dr Dobko signed an agreement for a UCU-UON Dual Master’s Programme during his visit. He also met with the displaced Ukrainians who are studying and researching at The University of Nottingham, as part of the Scholars at Risk programme.

As well as this, he delivered a lecture at Djanogly Gallery ‘On the Battle of Wills: Lessons from the War about Democracy and Resilience’.

In the lecture, Dr Dobko explained that the twinning initiative is important, because it will help ensure a successful reconstruction of Ukraine post-war.

Ukrainian scholars “are involved in important projects and eventually this will be an asset for our country” upon their return [Dr. Taras Dobko]

He stated that “universities are a call to articulate the positive vision of the future of the country.” Therefore, they should be at the “forefront” to answer the “many difficult questions” that Ukraine will face. For example, how to reunite the country and what justice should be sought.

He stated that the Ukrainian scholars “are involved in important projects, and eventually this will be an asset for our country” upon their return.

Later, the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement, Professor Robert Mokaya, gifted Dr Dobko a painting of the two universities with a bridge between them.

In an interview with Impact, Dr Dobko shared his hopes that once the war is over, UON students will use that bridge to come to Ukraine.

A long and mutually beneficial friendship

He thinks the scheme “could not only be about helping Ukraine, but helping students and faculty from Nottingham to better their studies or jobs.”

For a complete overview of all of the visits, events and initatives that Dr. Taras Dobko attended/took part in during his visit to Nottingham, please see this press release from UON.

The visit signals a long and mutually beneficial friendship between the two institutions.

Darcy Kelly

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