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Trailer Watch – Inherent Vice

Upon first watching the trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s newest film, Inherent Vice, viewers can be excused for feeling confused.  

Based on Thomas Pynchon’s novel of the same name, the audience is introduced to Larry Sportello, known as “Doc” (Joaquin Phoenix), a Private Detective commissioned by his ex (Katherine Waterson) to investigate the kidnapping of her new, billionaire boyfriend, who also has a wife, who also has a boyfriend, and, as the voiceover intones, it “start(s) to get peculiar after that”.

However, this trailer has charm and sets up the film as goofy rather than a serious thriller. As both bounce off the renewed interest in the 70s, the comparisons to American Hustle are obvious, but there appears to be more action than in the dialogue-heavy Hustle.

With quirky characters played by a stellar cast, an interesting premise and a cool 70’s soundtrack, Inherent Vice is certainly one to look out for when it receives its limited release this December, followed by a wide release on January 30th 2015 in the UK.

Abigail Houseman

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