A Guide to Notts Nightclubs

Welcome Week is a busy time of settling in, making friends and working out how to get to the Portland Building. For some, it will also be the first opportunity to check out Nottingham’s nightlife scene. So, Impact have put together this handy guide, providing you with a quick overview of the biggest and best clubs the city has to offer before you even consider entering the sticky dancefloor.

Pryzm – If you’re a first year, Pryzm will most likely be your first port of call. A slightly confusing and rather large maze of different rooms, it has something for everyone. The main room features mainly pop, house and techno music, with remixes galore. Slip into Curve next door for some R&B bangers, whilst Vinyl is the place for cheese and throwback tunes. And if you’re oh so lucky, the mysterious Tiki Bar on the top floor might even be open. Start your week with a bang with UoN student night every Monday.

Rock City – Crisis on a Wednesday is one of the most popular nights out amongst UoN students, with tickets being almost impossible to get hold of. Sports teams dressed in their shirts and ties invade the venue every week. Although over-crowded and very sweaty, Crisis is the place to bump into every Tom, Dick and Harry and get your dance on with three generous rooms. Renowned for year-round events like all-nighters, Cirque du Soul and Caramello, Rock City is well-loved and for good reason.

Pom Pom – In first year I ventured into Pom Pom every Thursday without fail. Although it is one of Nottingham’s smaller venues, it has a lot of heart. Mainly playing pop tunes throughout the night, Pom Pom is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. In my second year I even watched and met 2/7 members of S Club 7 here! It also has pretty décor and a raised balcony area ideal for spotting your mates.

Propaganda – Nottingham’s very own LGBT club, Props is open five nights a week. With one wonderful room of pop and chart music and £1 drinks on Wednesdays, you really can’t go wrong. The university’s LGBT+ network often do socials to Propaganda too, giving you the perfect opportunity to meet people.

“all your clubbing needs will be fulfilled”

Ocean – this wouldn’t be a complete list without the infamous Ocean. The pride of Nottingham and owned by the real MVP Andy Hoe, Ocean is the home of cheesy pop music. Some people love it, some people hate it, but if you’re drunk enough you’re bound to have a whale of a time. My personal favourite, Ocean never lets me down for a solid night out. Just remember to take plenty of cash because they don’t accept card payments.

Stealth/Rescue Rooms – as well as being home to many gigs and live DJs, Stealth holds some of my top, not-to-be-missed nights including Soul Jam. As the name would suggest Soul Jam features the best soul and funk tunes, along with a shit load of glitter. Whereas Stealth is known for its house music, Rescue Rooms usually favours indie tunes, along with a pub quiz and karaoke night every Wednesday.

Ink – if you’re into R&B, grime and rap, Ink is the place for you. With 4 big rooms to explore and most likely get lost in, Ink is like a world of its own. An alternative to Ocean on a Friday, escape the UoN bubble by mingling with the locals and Nottingham Trent students.

Nottingham is a city ideal for students, with cheap drinks, fancy dress themed parties and a different club option for every night of the week, all your clubbing needs will be fulfilled.

Sophie Hunt

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