Nottingham For Newbies – Your Guide To Navigating The City

Christina Giallombardo

When you first get to Nottingham it can feel like you are in a maze. With unfamiliar buses and trams, and roads that lead to unknown destinations, getting to where you need to go becomes a daunting task. So, here, Christina offers a basic overview of how to get around the great city of Nottingham.

The first and most straightforward form of transport are the trams. They can quickly take you from the University of Nottingham to town for a reasonable price. To get into town from the university, go from University Boulevard or The University of Nottingham tram stop to Old Market Square (bound for Hucknall on the way there, and Toton Lane on the way back). Beware though, the last tram leaves at midnight Monday-Saturday and 11 pm on Sunday, so you’ll need to find another way home after a night out.

The best way to travel on the trams is to download the NETGO! app where you can get a day ticket that lasts until 2 am the next day. It’s only £2.50 for those under 19 and £3.40 for students. You can travel on the tram an unlimited number of times during that time. And yes, before you ask, you do have to buy a ticket as ticket inspectors often roam the trams checking.

Next are the buses. It will definitely take some time to get used to what bus will take you where, but once you do they come in handy when either the tram stops running or can’t take you where you need to go. To get a bus ticket download the app NCTX Buses and buy a mobile ticket. There is a plethora of different types of tickets you can get, including singles, 24 hours, season and academic year tickets.

The most useful bus is the 36, which can take you from the west entrance of the University Park campus all the way into town. The 34 stops on campus at the Trent Building too which will also take you into town. You can also use the website to plan your journey, and it will tell you exactly what buses to get.

e-scooters are fairly cheap too, coming in at 12p per minute

If you’ve ever noticed the yellow e-scooters dotted around town and wished you could have a go, you’re in luck! All you need is a provisional driver’s licence. The e-scooters are fairly cheap too, coming in at 12p per minute, meaning they’re a fast and affordable way to get around the city. Here are instructions on how to download the app and use the e-scooter.

Bikes are also a great way to get around. There are places around campus and town where you can store your bike, just be sure to bring a secure padlock and helmet for the ride.

Lastly is the train station. From here you can go all over the country, with frequent trains running to many locations such as London and Birmingham. The East Midlands Railway app or website is a great, paper-free way to get tickets. Getting a railcard and booking your journey far in advance also means your ride is cheaper too.

follow the canal to get from Beeston to town

For the money-savvy student, walking will become your best friend. After living in Nottingham for 2 years, the main way I get around is by walking. If you are in Lenton the walk into town and University Park is around 30 min. If you are on-campus or in Beeston, the walk will take you longer, but when the sun’s shining it’s a pleasurable experience. It will definitely do wonders for your physical health too, as Nottingham is a city of hills.

One of the most useful navigation tools in Nottingham is the canal. Just follow the canal to get from Beeston to town, and other places like the Attenborough Nature Reserve and the River Trent near West Bridgford. It’s a very peaceful and scenic walk, just make sure to be safe, especially at night.

If all else fails, google maps will be your saving grace. Countless times when I have had to go somewhere I don’t know the location of, I simply put into google maps my starting and ending location, and it will tell you exactly what stops to get off at and the quickest way of getting somewhere.

With that, I wish you luck on your Nottingham adventures, and welcome to the city!

Christina Giallombardo

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