UoN Ultimate Frisbee teams flying high this season

As part of a new weekly feature on sports teams at the University of Nottingham, Impact Sport caught up with Ultimate Frisbee President Daniel Roth to see how the BUCS team, as well as the women and mixed teams, are getting on this season.

Impact: How did you get involved with Ultimate Frisbee at the University of Nottingham?

Daniel: “I got involved in my second year. I heard about Ultimate by watching videos of Brodie Smith on YouTube. He did some cool trick shots and that inspired me and my friends to pick a Frisbee. We then joined the team in 2nd year, so over two years ago now and now I am president”.


Impact: What is the aim of Ultimate Frisbee and how do you play the sport?

Daniel : “The aim of ultimate is catch the Frisbee or ‘disk’ in the in-zone. It is normally played indoors, although our BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) teams play outdoors, and seven players are on each team.”

“You throw the disk to teammates and cannot move when you have the Frisbee. It involves a lot of athleticism and a great deal of team play, and tactics are incolved. Apart from the non-contact side, it is similar to American Football in that aspect. You could say it’s a mix between American football and netball – it is the ultimate mix of sports.”

Impact: How are your Ultimate team faring this year in the BUCS leagues?

Daniel: “We entered the BUCS leagues last season and the mens team entered the first division and won, which was a great achievement. This season we are fighting to retain our victory. The highlight of the season so far would be the thirds winning their first BUCS game against Angela Ruskin firsts.”

“In recent weeks we have had positive results, with our 2nds beating Lincoln and Worchester firsts 12-1 and 15-2 respectively. It is great to have such a competitive 2nd team.”

“Our firsts qualified for nationals last weekend and our seconds were the highest second team and finished above 5 first teams last year.”

Impact: How are your mixed and women’s teams getting on so far this year?

Daniel: “With Ultimate being such a unique and niche sport, at the start of the academic year a beginners tournament was held to introduce people to the sport.”

“While it is only the mens team who compete in the BUCS league, there are a number of tournaments for the mixed and women’s sides. We recently had the mixed regionals with the team qualifying for nationals.”

“The women have played one friendly against Loughbourgh which they lost. However, the womens indoor regionals are on the 19th and 20th November at the David Ross Sports Centre from 9am-5pm where we have entered two teams. It will be free for people to come and watch.”

The BUCS team qualified for the national championships last weekend

Impact: what are your predictions for all the sides regarding the rest of the campaign?

Daniel: “Hopefully the mixed team can challenge for the title having qualified for nationals. With the women’s team we will have to see after this weekends regionals, but they will hopefully reach the nationals as we have retained a number of talented players from last year.”

“With the men having retained a strong core of players, I don’t see why they can’t go on and retain their title. Hopefully they will be joined by the seconds in Division 1. While Varsity is far away, early signs show that Trent have began the season well. But traditionally we do win Varsity, so hopefully we can continue the success.”

Impact: Can you make any improvements to the team’s performances thus far?

Daniel: “One important aspect that we have been working on during training is team chemistry, we have utilised the two external coaches who work with us [as well]. They work on team work and tactics, hopefully that will help build on the strong start to the season.”

“In terms of training, both external coaches are alumnus, with one having played for GB Under-23 at the world championships. They come in three to four times a week and work with the whole team. We have around twelve hours of training a week split through the club.”

Impact: How can people get involved with the ultimate team at UoN?

Daniel: “We get a lot of pick ups in January where we will have more taster sessions but people are always welcome to join – come down to our training sessions on Thursdays or Fridays from 5-6pm.”

It is clear that Ultimate is growing massively in terms of participation around the country, having watched a bit myself I would highly recommend going and watching if you get the chance to do so. You can go down to the David Ross Sports Centre on Saturday the 19th and Sunday 20th November to support the womens team at Regionals.

If you want to get involved and stay up to date with everything Ultimate, visit the team’s Facebook page University of Nottingham Ultimate.

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