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Unisalad Buy/Sell App Launches in January 2019

The Facebook buy/sell page is launching a new Unisalad app on January 30th 2019. Impact spoke to the creator, Rebecca De Beukelaer about the development of the app.

University of Nottingham History graduate De Beukelaer launched the Facebook page in November 2013, noticing a need for a platform for students to be able to buy and sell tickets. De Beukelaer commented that “everyone was posting tickets on their hall page or subject page, and so I thought there should just be one page for it. The page took off by itself”. The Facebook page currently has over 33,000 members.

“blocking the access of scammers and non-students.”

When talking of the motivation to develop an app version of the Facebook page, De Beukelaer described how “an app is just an obvious thing to do, especially because everyone has apps now. So, I thought I would try an app and see what happens”.

“It has taken three years to develop. I did a business plan and pitched to investors, then managed to get funding for it in August”. The app will be free to download and use.

“sellers must declare that they are not selling tickets above face value.”

The app will be split into four different sections, covering buy and sell, lost and found, travel, and housing. Users will need to access the app by logging into their university email address, blocking the access of scammers and non-students.

When selling tickets, there is also a feature where sellers must declare that they are not selling tickets above face value. This precaution has been taken after increasing reports of students selling tickets on for excessive prices. When looking to buy tickets, instead of posting on the forum, users will be notified when tickets requested become available on the app.

Look out for the launch at the start of 2019.

Sophie Hunt and Emma Heasman

Featured image courtesy of Unisalad via Instagram.

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