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Chaos Ensues As SNP Vote On Gaza Ceasefire Dismissed

Kisakye Busuulwa

The House of Commons erupted in uproar on the 20th February 2024 when the Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle, broke with parliamentary procedure. The SNP had tabled a motion to vote on a ceasefire in Gaza, however, in a shock turn of events, the Speaker chose to allow parliament to vote on Labour’s amendment to the motion instead.

Labour’s leader Sir Kier Starmer took issue with the wording of the SNP vote, something that many members of his party did not, and so the conditions were primed for a rebellion within the party. The decision of the Speaker assuaged the rebellion that could have occurred, had the amendment not being applied, although any party political motivation has been strongly denied by the Labour Party.

“This is a highly sensitive subject on which feelings are running high in the House” [Hoyle]

Many Conservative and SNP MPs walked out of parliament in protest of the Speaker’s actions. Defending himself, Hoyle said: ‘‘this is a highly sensitive subject on which feelings are running high in the House, in the nation and throughout the world. I think it’s important on this occasion that the house is able to consider the widest possible range of options.”

Outrage came due to the fact that the SNP only has 3 days a year in which they can table such motions, whilst Labour have seventeen. Therefore, it was believed to be unjust for the SNP to be refused the chance to vote on their own motion.

Also referred to the importance of a two-state solution

The SNP’s motion called for ‘an immediate ceasefire for all combatants’ whilst Labour’s called for an ‘immediate humanitarian ceasefire’, and also referred to the importance of a two-state solution, something that the SNP’s motion bared no mention of.

The Speaker has since faced calls to resign; over 90 MPs having voted on Will Wragg’s Early Day Motion of no-confidence in the Speaker.

At the time of writing, he remains in his position.

Kisakye Busuulwa

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