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Trailer Watch – Feast

If you didn’t know already, Disney shorts are pretty darn special. Take Paperman, Day & Night or The Blue Umbrella, to name a few. They inject a little magic into few minute masterpieces of beautiful animation, unparalleled artistry and superlative storytelling. If the other Disney shorts are anything to go by, we have a lot to look forward to with their upcoming short, Feast.

In this new trailer for the short film, we are introduced to Winston, a puppy with a huge appetite, gnashing his way through meals of chips, pizza, nachos and dog food. However, Feast is more than just a short designed to increase your love for dogs and food; it is a film that challenges our perspectives. Feast tells the story of one man’s love life through the meals that he shares with his dog, all seen from Winston’s point of view.

Feast is Disney’s newest hand-drawn/computer hybrid animation. This combination of techniques matches the characterisation of Winston perfectly as he appears both cartoonish yet adorably real. Get ready to feel the feels and hear your tummy rumbling.

Feast will appear in cinemas from January 30th 2015 in the UK alongside the release of Disney’s next feature, Big Hero 6.

Sabrina Barr

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