Where to Visit: Nottingham Castle & Caves

Perched on a giant rock, Nottingham castle provides one of the best views of the city. Laced with Medieval history, it’s a spot that gives an insight into Nottingham’s colourful past, and will whisk you away from the modernity of the city centre.

Among the various tales of Nottingham castle, it’s believed that the building was utilized by the Sheriff of Nottingham as a court, and that if Robin Hood was to be found, he would have been held prisoner in the castle’s dungeons or towers.

Due to its location near a crossing on the River Trent, the castle was of key strategic importance during the Medieval Ages. It also played host to a battle in 1194, while in 1831, the castle was attacked and burnt by rioters.

Today, the castle is a hotspot for artistic talent, being especially important to regional artists. This helps draw in over 270,000 visitors per year.

Nottingham Caves

The museum boasts much to see, from ancient carvings to contemporary ceramics, textiles and costume. And if you’re feeling adventurous take a guided tour of the caves below the castle.

Among these caves, lies a famous tunnel known as Mortimer’s Hole, which is carved into the sandstone outcrop on which the Castle stands. It is thought that the passage is haunted by the ghost of Sir Roger Mortimer himself.

Afterwards you can relax in the castle café, which offers panoramic views of the entire city, and later in the year, you can enjoy several events hosted by the castle, including The Robin Hood Pageant and Nottingham beer festival.

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