Style Icon: Blake Lively as Emily Nelson in A Simple Favor

Sit down and suit up because this month’s style icon is Blake Lively’s chilling character Emily Nelson in the recently released film, A Simple Favor. The film depicts the character fresh in a wonderful array of fine women’s tailoring that was, quite frankly, jaw-dropping…

It is unusual to see women wearing three-piece suits in films, yet Blake does so in a way that makes it so effortless. It is not even one stand out look. The film graces us with endless amounts of stunning looks, as each of her outfits seem to better the last.

“the new level of extra I aspire to be”

Emily Nelson on a causal walk through the park in a tuxedo and six-inch heels is the new level of extra I aspire to be.

The working woman may often wear a suit, but Emily Nelson takes it one step further, owning the often-male characterised pieces such as the bow tie, cane and tuxedo – somehow managing to make it insanely stunning and feminine. Director Paul Feig reported to Wmagazine that he wanted Emily Nelson to wear menswear to portray power and fearlessness, and it certainly showed that way on the screen.

“The costuming by Renée Ehrlich Kalfus is truly a work of art”

The suits all coming from Ralph Lauren’s own vaults give the character of Emily Nelson a chic, polished and simultaneously sexy look that would make any girl envious.

The tailoring, whilst impressive, is only polished by the accessories, from silk pocket squares to leather red gloves and even a skull topped cane. The costuming by Renée Ehrlich Kalfus is truly a work of art.

Could this be the start of a new trend for womenswear? Are we to see a sudden upsurge in women donning a suit over a dress? I really hope so…


Miriam Thompson

Featured image courtesy of BRON Studios via IMDb. 

Article images courtesy of @blakelively and @asimplefavor on Instagram.

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