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From the outset, Downsizing appears a simple film with a simple story to tell. The core concept of the story presenting a future with problematic overpopulation, leading Scientists to invent a new solution – the miniaturization of humans to a miniscule 5 inches in height. A straightforward concept, and, at first glance, it might be one of those films you try to avoid out of worry it being one more conventional 2-D core concept Hollywood cash-fest.

While this doesn’t seem to be the full story, the opening moments of the trailer don’t look too promising. Within the first few seconds, we’re presented with the standard European-accented scientist unveiling a tiny human as a response to “humanities’ greatest problem”, followed by a short montage of baffled spectators from around the world with an overlay of classic cheesy melodic music.

However, as soon as we cut to everyone’s favourite guy, Matt Damon, who’s intriguingly watching the events occur in a bar, it becomes far easier to warm up to the whole idea. Although Damon is everyone’s favourite guy, this is just the beginning of truly star-studded cast. Alongside Damon is his wife, played by Kristen Wigg, as well as We Are The Miller’s Jason Sudeikis, Christoph Waltz (think of Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards) and Neil Patrick Harris (e.g. Barney Stinson) add all the more greatness to the narrative. Additionally, the picture is directed, as well as co-written (always a good sign), by Alexander Payne, a seasoned filmmaker no stranger to his fair share of critical success, receiving nomination for the Palme d’Or for his previous film Nebraska (2013).

The trailer paints the movie as a family-friendly comedy-drama with the emphasis on comedy, as Damon and Sudeikis inject plenty of charm and humour, including the latter explaining the tasty benefits of being tiny whilst sitting around giant household foods.

Given this impressively creative cast and crew however, expect Payne’s film to be a little deeper and more thought provoking than it lets on. With it having a clever director and talented cast members, it wouldn’t be too ridiculous, given the nature of the plot, to expect black-mirror-type stuff as the film continues to unravel. In saying that, Downsizing is definitely a film to keep on the lookout come this December.

Downsizing hits cinema’s just in time for Christmas on 22nd December.

Nils Berg

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