Freshers Week and Beyond: 5 Alternatives to Clubbing

Amidst all the promotion of Crisis, Ocean and the like in freshers week, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking Nottingham has nothing to offer students except club nights. Impact is out to prove that isn’t the case, and show freshers that there’s plenty for them to do in the city even if clubbing isn’t their thing.

  1. Boilermaker

Still enjoy a tipple but prefer something a little more exotic than a vodka and Coke? Then Hockley’s Boilermaker is for you. Finding the place may prove tricky at first, as its Prohibition-era style means it’s hidden away behind the façade of a slightly grimy boiler shop (hence the name). Yet once inside, this cocktail bar is all glamour. The no standing rule makes it a perfect place for those who hate pushy crowds in clubs, and helps to create a relaxed ambience. The most important thing, however, is of course the cocktails. From a Mary Poppins-themed masterpiece to a Martini that would put James Bond to shame, Boilermaker has something for everyone, making it a perfect place to visit with either friends or a partner. It’s also one to get a little more dressed up for – perfect for the girls itching to wear their best heels.



  1. Glee Club

For those who prefer laughing to dancing, Glee Club on Canal Street is for you. This comedy club is housed in a former Victorian warehouse, and the large surroundings are thoroughly necessary to pack in the crowds the club attracts. With previous performers including such comedic heavyweights as Michael McIntyre, Lee Evans and Peter Kay, Glee Club has built up a formidable reputation. Sarah Millican is performing this Thursday the 24th, with a group of up and coming comics on on Friday the 25th. If you prefer comedy to clubbing, Glee is the place to be.



  1. Theatre Royal

Standing impressively above Old Market Square in Nottingham city centre, Theatre Royal has been open since 1865, and after glancing at their programme of shows, it’s not hard to see why it’s remained so popular. All this week they are putting on Hood – The Legend Continues, an innovative performance that reimagines the fabled Nottingham hero in the modern age. Next week, however, comes something completely different: a production of the dystopian George Orwell classic 1984 by Northern Ballet. For theatre fans of any genre, there is surely something to catch your eye. The theatre also has student deals on tickets for some performances, so visiting Theatre Royal can be cheaper than a night at Forum.



  1. Wollaton Hall and Park

Even though winter is creeping ever nearer, take advantage of the sunny autumnal days and head for a walk at Wollaton Park. The walk around the lake is fantastic for stretching your legs without having to trek for hours, or you can stroll away from the water and hopefully catch sight of some deer. With free entry and a quaint little café, the park is a day out in itself. The hall, however, is the main attraction. The main hall contains Nottingham Natural History Museum, whilst the outer buildings contain Nottingham Industrial Museum. What’s more, the museums are also free, making Wollaton the perfect location for students on a budget.



  1. The Lost City Adventure Golf

Perhaps the most unexpected of all Nottingham’s attractions is The Lost City Adventure Golf, located at the bottom of the Cornerhouse. Only £6 each for 18 holes, this is a fantastic night out for a group of friends without the inevitability of one of them getting horrendously drunk. The tropical theme is maintained throughout the whole course, making it seem a world away from Nottingham city centre. It’s also open until 11PM every evening, therefore it’s the perfect place to head after a meal in the city.



Rachel Harrison

Images: Remy Rossi via Flickr, Lee Haywood via Flickr, Andy via Flickr, Ryan Lea via Flickr & Hiroyuki Takeda via Flickr

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