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Trailer Watch – The Good Dinosaur

After failing to release a film in 2014, Pixar is probably hoping against hope that The Good Dinosaur – which was delayed for more than a year and saw the removal of 67 employees – will be a roaring success to end 2015. Yet, despite this, the trailer shows us a plot that seems surprisingly generic. Then again, this disappointment is perhaps further emphasised by the hype that surrounded its predecessor, Inside Out.

In this depiction of Earth, Bob Peterson (the original director, before being replaced by Peter Sohn) and Enrico Casarosa pose the question: what if dinosaurs had never become extinct, but rather developed into a fully functioning agrarian society? We are introduced to Arlo, a young Apatosaurus who discovers a wild boy as he journeys back to his family, from whom he was separated.

Although the trailer successfully demonstrates Pixar’s ever-developing talent for animation, with incredibly realistic storms and landscapes, it sadly gives the impression that there is not much substance to the story – as if Pixar is churning out yet another coming-of-age tale, but this time with dinosaurs (not monsters, or emotions, or Scottish princesses).

However, I still optimistically anticipate that Pixar will prove me wrong – and may do so, judging by the cast, as Sam Elliot’s voice instantly soothes the spirit and Frances McDormand will surely bring some of her dry wit to her character. From the trailer, at least, there appear to be moments of both humour and sentimentality – a combination that has countlessly justified Pixar’s continued domination of the animation industry.

The Good Dinosaur is set to hit cinemas 15th November.

Sarah Quraishi

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  • Fred
    11 October 2015 at 11:20
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    “it sadly gives the impression that there is not much substance to the story.”

    You’re wrong. I was in attendance at the D23 Expo animation presentation and saw some clips.
    This movie will be very emotional and not generic. I can tell you that the trailers have been misleading about certain plot points.

    I sometimes wonder if Internet journalists are legally required to put a negative spin on everything.

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