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Trailer Watch – Gods of Egypt

From the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, to the many films set in and exploring this ancient world, such as 1999’s The Mummy and its sequels, it is no surprise that for decades the world has been obsessed with the legends and culture of Ancient Egypt.

This newest ‘insight’ into the Egyptian legends is based loosely on a version of myth where, upon the death of Osiris, his brother named Set and son named Horus fight over the throne. The evil Set emerges victorious after gouging out the eyes of his nephew. Just your normal family relationship then.

The trailer opens to reveal a world which looks like an odd hybrid of the Marvel universe, crossed with Percy Jackson, and combined with a dash of Clash of the Titans, finished off with an Egyptian twist. This features rom-com favourite Gerard Butler as Set, the Egyptian God of darkness and Game of Thrones favourite Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Horus. Along with this, the film is directed by Egyptian-born director Alex Proyas, most famous for his post-apocalyptic films I, Robot and Knowing.

After giving the viewer glimpses of Set and Horus’ battle, the trailer shifts to the reaction of humanity. Bek, played by Brenton Thwaites, is the only human brave, or stupid, enough to attempt to find Horus and assist in his ascention to the throne. Throw in a few battle scenes against demons, beasts, and gods, and this appears to sum up the violence and action of the film. The visual effects look to be truly stunning, a testimony to the staggering $140 million production budget.

We’ll see if Gods of Egypt is as action-packed as its trailer, when the film is released on April 8th 2016 in the UK.

Amy Wilcockson

Image: Gods of Egypt, Summit Entertainment Mystery Clock Cinema

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