What’s Your Pancake?

A entire day officially dedicated to arguably the most fun type of food, pancake day deserves a celebration to equal its awarded status. This day only happens once a year (well, for conformists, that is), so don’t waste it!

Many dilemmas crop up on the day: bought or homemade? American or English? Flip or spatula? And most importantly, what to slather on it? Traditionalists already know their topping: lemon and sugar; Nutella and banana; golden syrup, perhaps. However, for those more adventurous pancake-pros, we’ve suggested a few fantastic, yummy and far-out fillings!

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  • The Canadian

Slather your pancake in maple syrup and top with a couple of crispy rashers of bacon. So wrong but oh so right.

  • Grandma’s Apple Pie

Sautee slices of apple with a good shake of cinnamon and sugar, and serve with cream or vanilla ice cream.

  • Shroomy Blues

One to try if savoury is your thing: fried mushrooms covered with crumbly blue cheese.

  • Very Berry

Is it healthy? Who cares. Blueberries and raspberries with ice cream of your choice!

  • Chocolate Orange

Oh, yes. We’re going there. Segments of fresh orange swirled with melted dark chocolate! *Disclaimer* We do not take responsibility for any cardiac or taste-bud-related injuries…

By Emily Howard

Image Credits : Pathlost Via Flickr , VanessaC (EY) via Flickr

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