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Katie Leach has been announced as the new Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer.

6,680 students voted for this position and 5 candidates ran. After four rounds of voting, Katie received 3,351 votes, beating Rachel Hoskins, who received 1,738 votes in the final round.

Katie told Impact that she was feeling “very much overwhelmed”.

She said: “You don’t really know how well you’re doing so overwhelming is truly the word”.

“I’m looking forward to being part of the SU and being able to put my manifesto into action”

Katie’s favourite part of campaigning was being helped by her campaign team, who she feels have been “there for [her] all day every day”.

She added: “They put my name out there and were just incredible!”

Katie is most looking forward to “everything” about her time in office. “I’m looking forward to being part of the SU and being able to put my manifesto into action which is the actual dream!”

When asked what her plans to celebrate are, Katie said: “I don’t know – I didn’t make any plans. Obviously Ocean!”


Round 1:

Katie Leach: 2,911 votes

Rachel Hoskins: 1,461 votes

Radhika Chond: 1,008 votes

Paige Roden: 1,122 votes

RON: 178 votes

Round 2:

Katie Leach: 2,914 votes

Rachel Hoskins: 1,464 votes

Radhika Chond: 1,014 votes

Paige Roden: 1,127 votes

Round 3:

Paige Roden: 1,205 votes

Katie Leach: 3,041 votes

Rachel Hoskins: 1,570 votes

Round 4:

Katie Leach: 3,351 votes

Rachel Hoskins: 1,738 votes

Tamsin Parnell

Images: Impact Images Team

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