The end is upon us. Tomorrow, freshers week is over. However, your first year at Notts has just begun. Time to celebrate some more! To play you out, here’re some picks from Impact Music‘s final Freshers Playlist, ‘We Made It‘…

Jamie xx ft. Young Thug, Popcaan – I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)

Set the right tone for the rest of your year with the most danceable song from Jamie xx’s excellent and critically acclaimed last album, In Colour. There’s nothing better to elevate your mood.

Usher – Climax

For some of you this is as good as it gets. Yup. We can’t lie; university can get quite stressful, but at those times we can vibe to great playlists, provided by Impact.

Marnie Stern – Year of the Glad

This is the perfect soundtrack to your year: sharp, fast-paced and abrasive whilst also hopeful, sweet and determined. You’re going to have to match Stern’s energy if you want to get yourself through these next few years.

Queen – We Are The Champions

You made it. Whether you smashed it every day of the week or you only went out to Rock City once and decided against the rest of the week, you made it, and you deserve to celebrate like a champ.

Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park – We Made It

 Erm… What I said in the last one, actually exactly what I said in the last one, bar the champ bit. You made it. 

 The Breeders – Cannonball

If you had to choose one song that would last you the whole of your first year, I suggest you consider this one. This track is nothing less than iconic. It’ll also work better than ibuprofen to bolster you for the last night of freshers.
Listen to the full playlist here.
Maddy Hay and Joshua Ogunmokun
Image courtesy of Jamie xx via Facebook
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