Varsity 2017 Preview: Fencing

Last year, for the first time in the history of Varsity, fencing was included in the series, taking place on the new Super Wednesday feature which showcases some of the lesser known sports. The University of Nottingham were very happy with this as well, as they easily defeated Nottingham Trent over the three formats with a 135-67 victory.

A year on and the fencing team will be hoping for another resounding victory to help UoN secure the points on their home Super Wednesday, an event to be held in the David Ross Sports Village on Wednesday 29th March. Vice president Daniel Taylor says it’s very enjoyable to be part of the series and he’s very much looking forward to this year’s event.

“We could have performed better”

As a club, they have had a mixed season. The men’s first team finished the season 3rd out of 6 in their division, winning 6 of their 10 matches, which is a solid return. The Vice President did admit, however, that the men’s teams could have performed better this season.

However, he was keen to stress that the women’s first team have had a good season despite finishing 4th in their league. Daniel said that with the women being in the premier division, 4th out of 6 is a very respectable finish. Elsewhere, the women’s 2nd team are on course to win their division which is also a fine achievement and recently won their cup competition.

So, on the whole, UoN fencing looks reasonably well prepared coming into the Varsity series, but how do their rivals from Trent shape up?

Trent have a much smaller club, with only one men’s and one women’s teams, compared to the five for UoN. In fact, both of Trent’s first teams are in the same divisions as UoN’s 2nd teams. In the fixtures they have played, UoN’s 2nd teams have won all four matches against their rivals.

All signs look good for UoN to take the spoils in this contest. My reporter prediction is a UoN win – without predicting the score so I don’t look foolish! – this was backed up by Vice President Daniel who is confident about UoN’s chances this year.

I’m sure we’ll be in for a cracking game at the David Ross Sports Village on the 29th March. All that’s left to do is come down and support the fencers and hope they bring back victory in this Varsity event.

Harry Vogt

Images courtesy of University of Nottingham Fencing Club and

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