The University of Nottingham among the best in UK graduate employability

According to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018, the University of Nottingham (UoN) is ranked 55th in the world for graduate employability.

From the 47 UK universities featured in the ranking, the UoN is ranked 8th for graduate employability 2018.

Miranda Etkind, a second-year International Media and Communication student, told Impact: “The job market is really competitive so it is great to see that the students from the UoN are doing well once they graduate.”

“employability is about more than prestige and selectivity”

The universities scores are calculated on alumni outcomes, employer-student connections, employer reputation, graduate employment rate, and partnerships with employers.

Ben Sowter, research director at QS, said that “employability is about more than prestige and selectivity”. Instead, he mentions the importance of prioritising graduate prospects for students and employability networks.

“it is great to see that the students from the UoN are doing well once they graduate”

The Nottingham Advantage Award is an example of how the UoN offers students the potential to show future employers the skills they have gained whilst at University.

Some notable modules being the career skills and employability modules, and the internships, placements and work experience modules.

Sarah Lindgärde

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