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Rate Your Plate @ THE LOBSTER POT

The fresh and varied menu at The Lobster Pot is worth every step of the 10 minute, uphill walk from Nottingham’s Victoria Centre to this small seafood restaurant.

My friend and I took one look at the extensive, and detailed, menu before deciding that two courses were the only way to go, but what to choose…?! From several different types of smoked salmon, to oysters served in a variety of ways, and Moules Marinieres to fish marinated in Thai flavours, The Lobster Pot serves up the fruits of the sea in more than 50 different ways. Luckily we were not rushed in our decision making and we received sound advice when ordering on the most suitable side dish to share.

RATE YOUR PLATE @ The Lobster Pot 1 The starters arrived within 10 minutes of ordering and were delicious. I had opted for the Smoked Haddock Chowder (£4.50) which was silky smooth, creamy and comforting, and contained substantial chunks of fish…fantastic! My salmon-obsessed friend (sorry, M) began her so-themed feast with Pate of Bradan Rost (£4.50), a traditional and strongly smoked salmon, which was served with Scottish oatcakes – authentic and flavoursome yet light was the verdict; things were off to a good start.

We were left to enjoy our starters in peace, the hustle and bustle of the city centre long forgotten in this traditionally furnished little restaurant, complete with lace curtains. The Lobster Pot was quiet when we arrived at 7.15 pm, but soon filled up with diners, many of whom appeared to be familiar faces – obviously a memorable address!

And with good reason – our evening only improved with the arrival of the main courses: for myself, Half a Grilled Lobster with garlic butter (£13.95) and for M, the Chef’s “Four Salmon Platter” ( (£13.95) of Bradan Rost (Roasted in a smoke kiln), Bradan Orach, Smoked Salmon and Gravadlax – the complete selection, she was in her element! We also ordered two sides, the Mixed Salad (£2.00) which came with a dressing of perfect drizzling consistency and Fried, Sliced New Potatoes (£1.80) which could have done with a touch more seasoning.

RATE YOUR PLATE @ The Lobster Pot 2

This was not the case for the show-stealing lobster however, which arrived in all its glory in its bright, red shell and glistening with garlic butter and lemon juice. If Nottingham was not so obviously landlocked, I would have believed that it had come straight from the waves! First-timer nerves about how to handle this creature were soon calmed thanks to the explanation given by our waiter without a single eye-roll, and once I had gotten to grips with the tools, I found the lobster to be meaty and flavoursome. The portion size was just right and the £1.50 glass of white wine tied it all together nicely.

And what of the smoked salmon? Well, my friend was delighted by the range of different tastes on the platter and the little morsel I tried was certainly a world away from the standard version paired with cream cheese by high-street chains! Both dishes were simple, yet well executed, meals that are just about affordable on a student budget.

Being located on Mansfield Road, this restaurant may not be the immediate choice for a quick after-shopping snack or a spontaneous house dinner out. However, if you’re looking for noncommercial and authentic seafood, or simply want to escape the “bubble” for an evening, this family-run restaurant should be at the top of your list.

The Lobster Pot

199 Mansfield Road
Tel: 0115 9470707

Lauren Wilson

Image credits: Lauren Wilson and Tim Haynes

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