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Oska Bright Film Festival Tour Comes To Nottingham

Next week the Oska Bright Film Festival comes to Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema, supporting some of the more under represented members of the global film community. 

Oska Bright’s bill consists entirely of films and music videos made by learning disabled artists, and the festival has regularly toured the country providing these under and often misrepresented individuals of the art world a chance to reach a wider audience.

“On Thursday 2nd October Oska Bright makes a return visit to The Broadway, Nottingham, to screen five short films and three music videos. You can see Jason Eade’s Up On The Downs which won the South Downs National Park film competition last year and Johnny Dreams? an animation from Ireland. Die Königin (The Queen) is a fantastic, scary music video by Germany’s Station 17.”


“Oska Bright is a Carousel project, in partnership with Junk TV. Carousel has been supporting learning disabled artists to achieve their creative ambitions for over thirty years.”

Further information can be found at

The festivals screenings will run from 10am till 12 noon and tickets cost £3 per person.

More information and the opportunity to book for the festival is available on the Broadway cinema website.

Tom Watchorn

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