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After a whirlwind summer, Rae Morris was winding down with one of her last festivals of the year, Leeds Festival. She has toured with Bombay Bicycle, produced a spectacular EP and become a favourite of BBC’s music scene. Impact interviewed Rae Morris just before her headline slot on the BBC Introducing Stage at Leeds Festival.

Looking effortlessly cool in all black, Rae Morris is sat twiddling her coiled curls in the press tent at Leeds Festival.  She beams when asked about her show the day previously at Reading Festival. “It went really well. It felt strange that people were coming to watch us because there were so many great people playing at the same time like Chvrches and Bombay Bicycle Club, so I didn’t expect such a good turnout.” Her modesty is completely genuine.  Morris even appeared humbled that Impact had taken the time to interview her. She thanks us on numerous occasions.

[quote]It felt strange that people were coming to watch us because there were so many great people playing at the same time.[/quote]

When questioned about her hectic summer, Rae Morris is quick to correct that it isn’t all too much. She explains that festival dates aren’t too strenuous as she has week days off in between. Although, she welcomes the demanding, 7 days a week work that comes with tours. “I’m really excited to get back into the routine of tour” she laughs about her extensive October/November tour.  “I have a band now and they’re great. We just have a good time together, that is what it is all about.”

She appears perfectly grounded for someone who’s fame has recently exploded. Rae suggests supporting Bombay Bicycle Club and featuring on their latest album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ has helped this recent surge.  “It feels really exciting as people have been listening a lot more.” BBC’s support could also be a contributing factor to Rae’s exposure.  She has been chosen as Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Track of The Week’ and the BBC Introducing Stage have invited her back to headline their stage at Reading and Leeds Festival. She expressed her surprise at being asked back after her first performance as a nervous teen three years earlier. “You play it once and you feel really lucky to be able to do that.” she tells Impact  “To come back is a real privilege”.



Closer‘ the latest EP from Morris is met with bounds of positivity. “I just want to get as much out there as possible” Rae explains. “There will be four tracks and a remix, I want to give people as much material as I can.”

Impact caught her set and can vouch that her main track on the EP, also entitled Closer is stunning. Unlike her past ethereal acoustic tracks, Closer offers a lot more energy. This track slips more into the pop genre with an infectious rhythm. Up keeping with a trend in current hits, the recorded version is packed with haunting auto tune and punchy synths. Zane Lowe named this track ‘The Hottest  Record In The World’ and he may have been on to something.

Closer will be available on iTunes on 22nd October. You can pre-order it here. 

Feature image from the BBC

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