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Teen Mayhem Preview

On Saturday 25th October the countdown to Mayhem will begin. Starting with an all-day collection of horror-centric events and screenings that will take place to engage younger genre fans at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema, all thanks to the good, corrupting folks behind the Mayhem Film Festival. 

Chris Cooke, co-director of the festival with Steven Sheil, explained “one of the things we’re doing as part of the ten year celebration of Mayhem is stuff for younger audiences with Teen Mayhem. It always reminds me that people my age can get really grumpy and ‘things were much better when I was a kid and its rubbish now’. There’s still really good genre being made for young readers, young TV watchers, young cinemagoers. And it’s made for them, not for us. So we wanted to do something where we could celebrate younger viewers.”


The day starts with a Horror Make-Up Masterclass before screening Patema Inverted. The tale Following that award winning anime is a screening of an episode of CBBC TV series Wolfblood and a panel of special guests… Steven Sheil revealed “this year we’re really really pleased to be able to invite from CBBC Debbie Moon, the writer of Wolfblood, and three of the cast. We’ve got Bobby Lockwood, Kedar Williams-Stirling and Louisa Connolly-Burnham all coming along.”

“we wanted to do something where we could celebrate younger viewers”

Final 2

The diverse day concludes with a screening of the 2009 Joe Dante teen horror film The Hole. Tickets for Patema InvertedWolfblood + panel and The Hole are still available from Broadway cinema.

Tom Watchorn

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