Top Five Politician Parody Videos

We all love a good parody video almost as much as we love to mock the political elite, so it’s no surprise that politicians play a starring role in some of the most ingenious ones. So put down that textbook, sit back and enjoy the top five best politician parody videos as chosen by Impact.

1. Cameron’s Conference Rap

Ironically posted days after new legislation permitting parody videos; this rap classically mocks the privilege of David Cameron whilst simultaneously maintaining a sick Eminem beat.

2. The Nick Clegg Apology Song

Although no other video can do as much justice to the phrase “sorry isn’t good enough”, just reading the exotic language of the comments helps ease the pain of the £40,000 of student debt.

3. Obama singing Iggy Azalea – Fancy

If hearing Obama refer to himself as a “bad bitch” fails to make you happy, vote republican.

4. Don’t Stop Me Now – Tories

Quite a passionate video, but the ingenious replacement of the word “yeah” to “yah” in this video shows us the indisputable level of wit that so often lends itself to these political parodies.

5. Nigel Farage Rap

Please excuse the inaccurate accent and instead just focus on the brilliant hand gestures.

Robyn Turnock

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Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/number10gov/4601012387 via Flickr


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