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Trailer Watch – Exodus: Gods and Kings

Following on from the likes of Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven in Ridley Scott’s long line of successful historical epics comes the official trailer for his newest entry – Exodus: Gods and Kings. The film will chronicle the Old Testament’s exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt, as led by Moses (played by Christian Bale). A great deal of focus will also be placed on the relationship between Moses and Pharaoh Ramesses II (played by Joel Edgerton), who serves as the primary antagonist of the film.

Set against the backdrop of Coldplay’s ‘Midnight’, a more-warrior-than-traditional interpretation of Moses is seen growing up alongside Ramesses before their lives take very different turns. The trailer then displays Moses’ struggle to liberate his oppressed people, showing the audaciousness and scale of battle scenes that have become synonymous with Scott.

Any interpretation of the Book of Exodus would be incomplete without some classic sections, and this adaptation does not disappoint. Truly impressive special effects are showcased with the Ten Plagues of Egypt, including some CGI-frogs, locusts and alligators. The trailer then concludes with the famous parting of the Red Sea, a fitting culmination to a project on such a grand scale.

Exodus: Gods and Kings looks set to be an impressive addition to the historical epic genre and a worthwhile investment for fans of its director when it’s released in the UK on December 26th.

Jack Reeves

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